Group ability to permanently ban members: Add Exile, Delete Posts and Ban option

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to manage a nice community on the Roblox website due to loopholes malicious people have when coming in and spamming / being asshats on group walls.

As a developer, we have the option to exile and delete all posts by said person, this is very handy, as evidenced below:

This suggestion is to add a blacklist banning userIds (edited out banning IP), so that they can not just immediately come back in the group and spam more. If there is a cooldown or a ban system already, please let me know. However, my thoughts are there isn’t, as I’ve had to make my public group manual review during these times as likely what is one person is causing all this trouble.

Thanks for listening


I have to agree with all of the points you’ve made. Whilst I haven’t used groups for the sole purpose of running a development studio, considering that it acts as the host for entire communities, it’s security features definitely lack.

As more developers use groups and more communities are emerging on group walls, it will almost be expected for developers to be able to do all of the above. If we can do this using Discord, then surely it isn’t a far stretch for Roblox to start doing the same. Something like this would be much easier for users who moderate group walls and studio owners could feel more eased opening up their group walls for discussion.

Connecting with players should be a priority for developers - not all players can always access Discord or Twitter (mainly due to being underaged) and I think an entire reform of the groups page could be beneficial and something that Roblox’s Updates Team should be looking into for 2020.


Can we PLEASE get a group ban feature. My group is gaining 2,000+ members a day and all of the bots are targeting it since its now 204,000+ members. I’ve banned the same bots FOR 8 DAYS NOW!!! They join back every 30 minutes. This is becoming a HUGE pain. I have group members saying they got scammed by the links and I can’t be moderating the group wall every hour of my life. If group ALLIES feature is so important than a group member ban shouldn’t take this long to add. (Just saying).

tdlr: My group is too big and bots target it every hour and I can’t perma ban them all and they just join back.


I saw other threads about banning people from groups, but I want to explain a different kind of ban for groups.

First off, the option to ban someone from a group is missing, so a disruptive player can annoy your group, but you have the option to exile them. And the option for banning people will be useful in this case. But even with this option, the player can just create alternate accounts, which doesn’t solve anything. And the option for banning people will be useful in this case.

This can be an issue. And it would really be useful if we had a ban option for groups, but not just a normal ban option, an IP-ban option. This would solve many problems, including that players can’t create alternates accounts to join back. This would be a useful feature for ROBLOX.


I’m curious, does a VPN change your IP, if so what would be the solution to that?


-Roblox should add a banning feature for group owners and down below I explain it all with most of the details I got recently from years of group managment.

I own a group with over 35,000 members (at the moment), the problem is that it gets harder to control this. So many people join the group and to be ranked they can just ask the rank they want and stuff but the thing is, so many others just join to post scam links and spam the group wall, making it harder for me and my moderation team to rank up people and such. It is very frustrating trying to control this and having to work harder just to prevent this people from scamming anyone in the groups and spamming in order to destroy the group wall.

-Here I will explain how this feature should work:

Basically there shall be an option where you search the username and there’s an option where it says ‘‘ban user’’ (same kind of system when you ban people from your game and can no longer join) you click that ‘‘ban user’’ option and then on ‘‘accept’’ so you can get that person banned with all his group wall posts automatically removed in order to kick that person in no time, and prevent the members of the group to click those scam links. It would be similar as a blacklist or like the blocked players list that you have in ‘‘Settings - Privacy’’ section but with an unlimited amount of players that you can get banned.

-Now here is the the thing that worries me the most:

They do bother the community that joined the group I been hearing complains from a bunch of people (including my moderation team) and it gets me so stressed and upset. I do not want anyone to get scammed because of my group wall or anyone being bothered.

Same feature would be useful for those users who are not respecting the Roblox Terms of Service.

It is a great feature that me and many other group owners ask for or better say, dream for.


I believe a VPN does change your IP!
(note that the following assumes you are using that to argue against this feature)
All bans can be bypassed and that’s just the sad truth. Roblox actually (rarely) gives out IP bans even though they can still be bypassed. What I am saying is that this should be added because it would atleast add some protection to groups. Might I add that some younger users might not know what a VPN is so they won’t know how to bypass it


No, I am not against it at all I find that stupid, but I would want to have the best solution that is why I am questioning further.


Ah, perhaps we could track by your device serial number? Potentially you could add things such as the name of the network but this could easily be bypassed and it could cause some false bans because two people might have the same network name.


There is no certain way to obtain a device serial number that is done on purpose for privacy protection.

Ultimately, there is no way to permanently ban a user from joining a group:

  • Group bans on accounts can be worked around by using another account
  • IPs can be changed manually through a VPN and overtime they change automatically

The best solution would be for group owners to turn on joining approval and accept only users they verify are not joining with malicious intent, but even this is an extremely flawed solution.


I totally agree with the points that were made. I currently help run a Roblox group with at the time of writing 60k+ members, to which with a group that size, has its fair share of people acting up now and again.

It wouldn’t be so bad if these people who caused issues only joined once and then after being exiled stopped, however on multiple occasions have we had people rejoining every single week for months on end and continuing with the same behaviour on the group wall as for what they were originally exiled for.

This pretty much renders exiling useless for us now as they know all they have to do is rejoin to be able to gain access to the entire group again.

Yeah we could make our group request to join or have a pending rank where we move people up to another rank allowing them to speak, but we shouldn’t have to resort to doing that and I personally don’t have the time to do it either and to check through each of the requests to ensure it isn’t the same people joining to cause issues for us.

This really needs to be addressed sooner or later, as it’s something that’s affecting our group daily and is showing no signs of stopping anytime soon.


I’d like to also ask for this request, as I have a user who keeps rejoining to advertise their own games and I have to “Exile” them 3 or 4 times a day.


It’s getting frustrating after dealing with it for a few days now and so any form of permanent block from the group would be greatly appreciated.


I would love to ban members from my group. I own thunder1222 Productions - Roblox and I have over 1,000,000 members and it got to the point where it was impossible to moderate. I would always have people spamming links for their groups, begging for robux, or any other type of self promotion. I would constantly delete these messages, but they’d always just rejoin and post it again. I tried to make the group accept only, however due to the sheer amount of requests I was getting, it was also impossible to keep up. My best option was to close the group wall indefinitely. But this also leads to some problems. I can no longer receive feedback from masses of players through that wall. They have to resort to platforms such as discord and twitter, which makes it harder because my game targets a younger audience.

Now, as much as I want the ban feature to be a real thing, I can also see a few downsides to it. One of those is the fact that people can make a new account and do the same thing to the group wall. It might take them more time to do that, but it’s still a possibility. Another issue I can see is bots spamming the group wall (while bots have been taken care of for the most part, they could rise up again).

TL;DR: Would love this feature to aid me in better moderating my group wall.


The ability to ban someone would be extremely useful to me and my group. We have over 100k members and the amount of spam we get is absurd. Here is an example of our last few comments.

This is extremely problematic because I can only kick them and wait for the next time they send links. We have kicked tons of accounts over and over again. We have discussed closing our group wall, but I would hate to do this because our community interacts a lot through the wall. A ban feature would be extremely beneficial to us. Really hope this becomes a feature. Thanks.


Definitely agree with this. I’ve had similar cases throughout my time on this platform. I think that permanent bans based on userids and not IP is quite intuitive. IPs can always be masked or changed depending on the router, static or dynamic IP assignment, a VPN, etc.


This would be very helpful even if it only banned that specific account. I’ve had people that have threatened to dox and kill me that keep returning to my group years later.


Roblox sorely needs better support and moderation tools for groups. While banning alone isn’t enough to solve this issue, it’d sure help.

We’ve had to close the group wall for our game recently due to bad actors spamming sexual messages repeatedly and rejoining when exiled. We don’t have a large enough moderation team to constantly keep an eye on the group wall. It’s enough of a task handling both the Discord and the actual game itself.
Manual approval also is not a solution given the task of sifting through each join request and judging whether they look like they’d be a good fit for the group.

Some examples of people that Roblox currently does not let me keep out of the group permanently without complicated or tedious workarounds (NSFW):

would like to bump this again can we please ban people roblox <3

someone is legitimately harassing a community and its developers and we cant ban them, bots are also insane. this needs to be added

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I’m sure there is some way to make a bot that automatically kicks people? It’s similar as to how people need admin scripts to ban people in game since ROBLOX only gives a :Kick() method.

this is a basic functionality groups should have. people are not as knowledgeable in web development related stuff & website apis.

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