Group games are missing or show up when disabled

Recently, I’ve taken notice of two issues with my group, which have been affecting me regardless of browser or computer:

  • Some group games have gone missing from the Create tab in the Games sub-tab, but still appear under the Places sub-tab.
  • Making a group game private will not prevent it from appearing in the group page.
  • Making a group game public will not make it appear in the group page.

Has anyone else experienced the same issues? Is there any known solution? Any feedback is welcome!


Yeah, this has been an issue for a few months now, I believe. A few other posts who have been facing the exact same problem. Posts can be found here, and here.

I’m not relatively sure if Roblox is doing anything to fix this, considering It’s been a website bug for months.


As of for now, I don’t believe there is any sort of solution towards this.


Thanks! This addresses issue 2 and 3, but not 1. Perhaps the first one is new.

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I am facing a completely different but a same issue as Issue 1, my game is Public and my players also see it on my group page but when I open my group creations I do not see it there in the games section. I tried refreshing, making it Private and then Public again, Clearing my cache, checking the browser console for any errors, seeing on a different browser but none of this helped me in any way. However, if I change any other game of my group to Public that one appears in both Group Page and The Creations but this specific game (Link Below) does not.

Group games that are public are not showing on the group page after they where closed. It’s been over 6 Hours. I also did the test on another group and it did the same thing. I noticed this bug before a few weeks ago. How ever When you wait a few hours and close it and reopen it the games will show about 10 minutes after the reopen.

Below is the group page games.

Below is the game shown public under create.

Issue shown here: Rockyroad Parlor - Roblox
Games with this issues is that when it was closed then reopened after a few days of being closed would not show on group page. How Ever I tryed another way the next day and closed the place and reopened it. That worked 10 minutes later.