Groups Now in Creator Hub, With New Roles and More! [Beta]

Hello well, if possible look and see directly from my post about the case, here is the link:

Love it! So many features I’ve been longing for!! I cannot wait for revenue access permissions and individual experience roles! Such good changes for groups. Im glad to see such an outdated thing as groups being revamped so well.

In this situation it should be required that you have an authenticator app or security key attached to your account. Another good way to prevent issues from this is to add a limit you can deposit to any group per day (lets say 5000 robux)

Could we have game specific payouts? Often I find I work with different teams for different projects, but all managed under the same group. The issue is % payouts pay developers from all games, not just the ones they worked on.

So the suggestion really is perhaps when selecting a % payout, a further option to select what revenue streams this % will be from?

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There isnt much to do with the Group Roles there are so many Toggles for Creator Hub but there isnt alot like there is for Groups though i agree with you there

apparently the new features will be in the creator hub, on the normal roblox site they’ll continue to be the same for now.

So changing group name is free now?

it isnt free.
because you have to pay 100 robux if you do it with dash board.

Hey! We launched this feature just last week :slight_smile: Manage Group revenue in Creator Hub and split profit per experience [Beta]