Groups Now in Creator Hub, With New Roles and More! [Beta]

Hey Creators,

We’re excited to announce that you can manage groups including improved roles, permissions, and invites systems in Creator Hub through an open beta.

By streamlining group management, we want to empower you to focus your time on creating. Previously, you had to use the user-facing Groups page to control who could collaborate on your creations; we wanted to bring it into Creator Hub to provide you with a one-stop-shop for all of your creation management needs. We are thrilled to announce the first chapter of the future of groups!

Groups in Creator Hub

To access groups in Creator Hub, head over to Dashboard, choose a group that you own, and the Collaboration section will appear in the left-hand navigation. If you do not have a group yet, you can create a new one directly within Dashboard.

Here, you can configure group membership and roles, along with the group’s profile page.

New Roles System

As you manage roles within Creator Hub, you may notice a number of improvements, specifically for roles that are created within Creator Hub. These new roles can be assigned to any number of members, and a user can now be assigned multiple roles. Roles are also free to create, making it easier than ever to manage your group.

New roles will start with permissions that cover group management, experience editing, and analytics. We are continuing to migrate over other existing permissions, such as ‘Spend group funds’, and add new options as a top priority.

All roles created using the legacy Group pages will continue to operate on the legacy system and can only be managed on those legacy pages. You can try out the new role system without breaking anything in your existing group. You can find more on the migration strategy in the FAQ below.

New Permissions

You can grant different permissions to the roles you create. We will continue to add more types of permissions in the future - see ‘What’s Next’ below for more information. For now, the following permissions you can grant are:

Group permissions

1. Add or remove group members

  • Members assigned a Role with this permission can invite and remove other members using Creator Hub.

2. Create, configure, and assign group roles

  • Members assigned a Role with this permission will be able to create and manage the new group roles, and assign any role to any member.

3. Configure group profile

  • Members assigned a Role with this permission can update the group’s name, description and other metadata from Creator Hub. This does not include transferring ownership.

Experience Permissions

1. Play all group experiences

  • Members assigned to a Role with this permission can play all experiences owned by the Group, whether they’re private or public.

2. Edit all group experiences and assets

  • This permission works the same as the legacy equivalent. Members assigned to a Role with this permission can edit all experiences and assets owned by the Group.
  • Known issues (we’re working on resolving these):
    • This does not include Experience editing outside of Team Create.
    • Saving an existing universe to another existing universe does not work.

3. View analytics for group experiences

  • Members assigned a Role with this permission can access the analytics of all Experiences owned by the Group, even if they don’t have edit access to that Experience.

Overhauled Invite Flow

Managing private groups up to this point has been a tedious “user-initiated request” process. Within the Creator Hub, it is now possible to invite members to your group directly. Go to the Members page and click the invite button to invite your desired collaborator.

Inviting a person also creates a link that they can click to immediately be added to the group. They will also be notified when invited to your group — a setting they can customize with the creator notification system.

What’s Next

This is just the first step in a series of improvements to groups, and we would love your thoughts as we progress. Please throw any comments or feedback in this thread, or file a bug report - the team will be reading everything!

We have a packed release plan over the next few months; here’s a sneak peek at some of the upcoming features we’re planning:

  • Roles will support additional permissions such as revenue access and more

  • Roles will support more specific permissions (i.e. edit and publish, edit only, and monetization analytics only)

  • Groups will have a default “Member” role so you can quickly manage permissions for everyone

  • You will be able to edit permissions on an individual experience level (i.e. Experience A Developer role can only edit Experience A, but not Experience B)

  • Audit log that tracks changes to your group within Creator Hub

  • Overhauled revenue management

We may not announce every feature individually, so wanted to call them all out here. Feedback is appreciated and please keep an eye out!

We have been working for a long time on this new initiative as part of our roadmap, and the team is incredibly excited to announce this first update. Thank you for all of your feedback so far. We’ll continue sharing updates over the next few months.

Until next time!


What will happen to the legacy roles?

  • We will not remove existing functionality on until we have completely shipped an improved version on Creator Hub. All legacy roles will remain manageable on until we can offer the same or better functionality on Creator Hub.

How do the new roles interact with the legacy roles?

  • They work alongside each other. For example, if someone has edit access to an experience because of a legacy role, or a new role, or both a legacy and a new role at the same time, they will be able to edit that experience. This makes it easy for creators to try the new system without breaking any existing flows.

Will all Group functionality eventually be moved to Creator Hub?

  • No, we are only moving all group functionality related to creation to Creator Hub. Groups today are used by a wide variety of users, and we want to ensure we respect those different use cases. If you are using groups to create or collaborate with others, then this will eventually be all within Creator Hub, but groups used in other contexts (i.e. communicating with group members) will not move over exclusively to Creator Hub.

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Can we be given the ability to directly deposit robux from our account into group funds?
I still have several “secret” gamepasses under my fan group(instead of inside my game/universe’s store page where it belongs) so that I can have a steady stream of robux going into group funds to pay people with. This has resulted in me having to sit on hundreds of thousands of group fund robux in anticipation of paying workers, instead of simply depositing robux directly into the group when I specifically need to pay someone.


We’ve been getting some great updates from this team, keep it up!

Any plans to support multiple owners for groups in the future? Or at least an “Admin” permission that essentially gives everything (group payouts included) besides the ability to change owners of the group?

I think it’s already on your radar but I’d also love to see a “can edit and create assets” role that’s separate from editing and publishing games.

Good stuff as always tho :sunglasses:


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I think it’s good that this conversion is being made, but I feel like create/configure and assign should be separate configurations entirely. And I hope the more specific permissions can be assigned to specific games instead of applying on all of them (also hoping revenue will be able to be separated by game or something like that)


Can you make it so that you can select which specific experiences a role can edit instead of all by default?


Will these roles be able to be used in the api?


This already exists as the Collaboration feature within studio


Developers for a while have been asking for improvements to group functionality and management



If Roblox only added things people asked for, we’d be missing out on a lot of cool stuff


This is sick! :sunglasses:

Can’t wait to use it! How will role detecting work for users? Can we use bots to auto rank users still?


I meant for specific places too within an experience, so you let them edit this place and not this place.


Can you make it so that you can select which specific places within an experience a role can edit instead of all by default?


That’d get really messy so probably not. Best to just make a new experience if you don’t want someone editing a specific place in the other experience


Not really, a lot of times you need places within an experience, and for safety reasons this should be a thing, if it is done for different experiences, it should also be done in the same way within studio but work for separate places


I changed the name of a group and it made me pay 100 robux without saying anything, maybe it should show a message like when you change your account username


I saw this a few days ago, one of the first things I did is create a Colored Role and see if it would be colored at the area where Legacy Roles were shown but :person_shrugging:


Does that actually work? I haven’t tried it out yet.


The entire developer community… for almost a decade at this point. You ~= We.