GuestCapone, Freelancing 3D Artist



About me

I’m Jeff, also known as GuestCapone. I am a freelancing 3D artist for hire, I’ve been working with 3D graphics in one way or another for the past 10 years. I started out using Google Sketchup before moving to the Roblox platform in 2010 and quickly became a master showcase builder, however in 2016 I had moved from Roblox to Blender to pursue my career of creating professional 3D graphics. I’ve worked with the guys at Blox Guys on their game Frenzy, being in charge of modeling all weapon models and a few minor meshes, while @Tamara_X textured them. I’ve also worked on their upcoming game Core Wars as their lead asset designer, and done some commissioned works in the past for a few users.



And some older weapons from 2016.



Collabs Modeled these knives while @Tamara_X textured them.


Prices are negotiable and are job dependent, I price my work at how many hours I estimate it’ll take me to finish. I’m also seeking medium to long term employment as well, rates are disclosed privately.

It is important to note that I do not take Robux as a form of payment. I strictly only accept USD.


You can contact me on Discord at BluDragoon

And on Twitter @GuestCapone


You are one talented dude. Love your work.


Bumping for future work. :smile:


Guest made me this beautiful car. I love it. Got it done 6 days early as well. :slight_smile:


Added some more recent works. :slight_smile: