Having to modify "Override high DPI scaling behavior" just so Studio doesn't appear blurry and poorly scaled

I mean eachtime a new update was released, I had to re-copypaste the ClientSettings folder, but that wasn’t a big deal to be honest. Still an issue though, but at least I was able to turn this DPI automatic scaling off.

However, now it doesn’t work.

And the Compatibility setting doesn’t work either, for all of .exe in there.


This has been working for me every update although I shouldn’t have to…

Save the script below as RobloxScalingFix.bat and run it every time Roblox updates

@echo off
set robloxDirectory="%LocalAppData%\Roblox\Versions"
set overrideScalingKey="HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags\Layers"
set overrideScalingData="~ HIGHDPIAWARE"

cd /d %robloxDirectory%

for /r %%f in (*.exe) do (
	reg add %overrideScalingKey% /v "%%f" /t reg_sz /d %overrideScalingData% /f | echo %%f


@ PoshKiwi Hello, is this still being worked on? Is there a new anticipated fix date?


I created and named that file accordingly on my desktop and also in the latest version folder and it did not change the scaling after running it and rejoining a game. Did I need to run it somewhere special?

Well, I think this one might actually be pretty hard to fix.
While scaling the 3d viewport properly is doable, UI might be a much bigger issue as it relies on pixels both in properties of UI elements and scripts as well.

For me at 125% scaling in Windows the Roblox Player actually looks ok. It is scaling and still looks sharp. Meanwhile studio is a blurry mess and I am forced to turn on the HIGH DPI compatibility setting like most people here.

Roblox appears to have done some updates to the dock and ribbon scaling in Studio. While my current setup doesn’t seem to have the same problems I experienced years ago, can someone confirm if they still encounter the issue? Otherwise, I might be able to mark the problem as resolved.

umm can someone explain why did they remove this feature for me I had no problems but they removed its and I can no longer access its

The issue was made WORSE. Now even studio has scaling issues. Why was this recent studio update pushed out? It’s blown up my whole game’s interface and now parts of the studio look blurry as well.

Before the issue in the video was happening online but now in studio. Now it happens in studio as well.


I noticed with the latest studio update that UI appears to be bigger when you override the high dpi settings, not sure if the rendered resolution is still blurry as of now though,
but it does appear that some windows in studio do not scale correctly yet and still look blurry.

the fix I been using of overriding DPI settings broke with the latest update :frowning:


the fix I have been using for years (right click, go to properties, go to compatibility, click “change high dpi settings”, check “override high dpi scaling behavior”) has just broken. This leads to some super odd results, such as my cursor icon and my actual cursor position not being aligned. I cant find any solutions, does anyone know how to fix this?

Same like @ rickje139 mentioned I noticed the UI got bigger but assumed it was part of the update after doing the usual (right click, properties, change to high dpi, override high dpi scaling behaviour) I went into a game and noticed all the sidebar UI had become blurry however everything within the game was fine I also noticed I was unable to properly select UI and it would always select some other UI nowhere near where I clicked.

I can live with the blurry sidebar it doesn’t affect me that much but being unable to properly select UI is an issue

Video of the issue

yes, that exact issue is what Im having! I contacted @Bug-Support about it, will update you if I hear back.


My UI is scaled up again and all the fixes I’ve been having to use for the past two years don’t work anymore. Changing the fflags seem to have no effect, no matter where I put the file, and the Override High DPI setting does nothing anymore.

Can there please be some kind of toggle option so this ridiculous scaling isn’t forced upon laptop users or 4k display users who don’t want this?

And in the meantime, does anybody have a fix, even if it’s temporary? Or some FFlag I can change to undo this change?

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I’ve been forced to use the Override DPI scaling option through properties on my 4k monitor for over a year and a half. It seems to have broken with whatever was pushed recently for studio. My entire Roblox studio is offset and misaligned. I can’t used the viewport because everything is offset from my cursor and a load of other issues making it unusable. Is there any fix for this? It’s really frustrating.

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I have found that enabling the Enable DPI Aware Studio option in Files>Beta Features entirely fixes the mouse offsetting problem while working on high DPI monitors:

It also comes with neat icons that may need time for some users to adapt to.


Using DPI aware scaling makes my studio look absolutely atrocious. Any use of any outlines/strokes look terrible and are a pain to work with due to how awful they look. This goes the same for NPC names, player names, all of it. I’m not sure if this is a problem just for me, but I cannot contact bug support about it as I am locked behind the Member Rank.
I am using a 1920x1080 Resolution w/ 125x Scaling. Please let me know if you have this issue, if it’s just me I’m not quite sure what to do.


You are not the only one having this problem. I’ve also got this issue but so far I am not able to resolve it. This also happens on several pop-up windows as far as I know, I am afraid that all I can do now is sit tight and wait for Roblox to (hopefully) swiftly fix this scaling issue.

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Is there a similar way to disable the DPI scaling on Roblox Studio similar to how you do it on the Roblox Client?

I mean you can’t disable it on the Roblox Client with the old method, not sure about Roblox Studio.

DPI scaling is still not fixed. Client does not render at native resolution when scaling