[HCC] High Rank Guide

Honey Comb Cafe - High Rank Guide
This guide will be used as a reference throughout the primary processes every High Rank goes through on many different platforms, this is a guide in addition to the Middle Rank Guide!

Table of Contents

  • High Rank Promotion Message

  • High Rank Expectations

  • Specific Rank Expectations

  • Group Shouts & Group Ranking Explained

  • Trainings Explained

  • Shifts Explained

  • Administration & Blacklisted Commands

  • Communication Server Administration

  • Concluding Message

High Rank Promotion Message

If you’re reading this message, that probably means that you’re now a High Ranking staff member at Honey Comb Cafe! Congratulations on this amazing accomplishment! This guide includes the essentials for High Ranks, and chances are that all other information that is not in this guide is in our Middle Rank guide instead which you’ve probably already looked over by this point. Look over the table of contents to see what this guide includes and once again, congrats!

High Rank Expectations

Below is a list of characteristics and requirements expected of every High Ranking staff member.


As an Admin+ you are required to be active. Yes, everyone has lives and we all have things to do, but as long as you’re trying your best, that is all that matters! With that being said, activity should be balanced between our communication servers, Trello, cafe shifts, and training sessions. Inactive notices are the only exception to inactivity, please refer to the Inactive Notices & Resigning section in our Middle Rank guide for more information.


Grammar is not required for any staff members however professionalism is. This includes being eligible to devote your attention to specific things, getting things done in a timely manner, and being able to bring a serious attitude to events or sessions if necessary because although we are here to have fun, we’re also here to get things done.

Communication Server & Trello

This expectation is touched on and broken down further in this guide but is a necessity. Our group’s communication server is where all of our staff team communicates with one another and our Trello is where we plan out specifics on different sessions, events, and questionnaires. This makes our communication server and Trello needed in order to rank as middle rank and above at Honey Comb Cafe.

Specific Rank Expectations

Below are specifics on what each High Rank is expected to do in addition to the High Rank expectations section as well as all of the Middle Rank specific and regular expectations.

Management Team
As a beginner administrator and a prior moderator, you now have even more responsibilities and possibilities! This includes hosting training sessions, promoting at trainings, and hosting shifts!

Leadership Team
Hence the name, you are the leader of the high ranks and middle ranks, aside from SHRs of course. This means you now have the responsibility of communicating with other Leadership Team members and any SHRs on what Senior Cashiers through Training team members should receive a promotion!

Group Shouts & Group Ranking

Group shouting and ranking is essential for high ranks to carry out hosting a training, promoting for Leadership Team members, and much more! Here’s how to do it!

When group shouting there is a box under the current group shout that says “Enter your shout here”, you must click on that box and type in your intended shout! Shouting is used for announcing when a training session is happening, when the server is locked, and when it has concluded. This is also important when hosting a shift or just saying important information in replacement of old group shouts!

An example of a group shout you can say if there is currently an old group shout present such as a training session that concluded a while ago is as follows…

Have any questions? Join our communication server or send a message on the group wall! [emoji]

On the other hand, when hosting a training session you will have to promote the Low Ranks or if you’re tasked by an SHR to promote someone, you will need to know how to rank members of our group! To do so, you must click on the three dots in the top right corner of our group name, logo, and owner’s name area. Then, you click members and search for the user’s name. You may click on the drop-down menu and go to their role instead if it’s easier. And once you reach their name, rank them up to the specified rank and it is recommended to refresh your page afterwords to solidify the rankings.

Trainings Explained

As a High Rank, you can participate in all of the different roles at training! Here is everything you need to know about training! This guide only includes the High Rank training session positions (Host).

Rank Responsibilities

Trainees : All Low-Ranks (Starter Cashier - Junior Cashier) excluding Senior Cashiers can attend training sessions and be trained in hops to rank up to the next rank!

Staff Assistant : This rank may supervise and shadow a trainer at training sessions, helping out the trainer with anything.

Training Team & Supervising Team : At this rank, they can do everything a Staff Assistant can do but they can also train!

Management Team+ : These ranks host training sessions, but also do everything else!

Pre-Training Procedure

BEFORE attending a training session as an MR+ you MUST add yourself to the session’s Trello card as whatever you intend to be: trainer, shadow, host, and supervisor. All of these roles excluding the host role are subject to change based on the amount of Trainees.

Next, if you’re intending to be a trainer, shadow, or supervisor you must be in the training server 10 minutes before the session commences. And if you’re the host you must as be there 10 minutes before too but you also have to announce this session 10 minutes before on the group shout with the following template (you can add emojis and make it your own):

Training | Host: [NAME] | Starting: [TIME] [TIMEZONE] | Come on down to the Training Center for a chance to get promoted Low Ranks! Starting in 10 minutes!

Additionally, you must send a message in the discord within the #training-announcments chat using the following template (you can add emojis and make it your own):

A training session is currently being hosted by (Host)! Join the training center to have the opportunity to be promoted! The server will be locking in 10 minutes so join as soon as possible!


As a host, you must repeat this procedure for all situations: 10mins before the start, at slock (start), any delay, at end, any cancellation. And when you do so, edit the templates to abide by such situation.

Main HOST Training Procedure

When the session start time has elapsed and you have shouted and announced that the session has started and is locked, you must lock the server using the :slock command which will disallow any LRs from joining the game. After doing so, you may start the session by introducing yourself, going over rules and expectations, then important information about trainings. The template below has all the information that needs to be said at the start of a training session, you may edit it a little but the topic must stay the same. Also, you must use the :m [text] or :sm [text] to announce the following…


This training session is now commencing, please find a seat. If there are no seats available please stand next to a seat. From now on all PTS, questions, and chats are not allowed.


With all that being said, salutations! Welcome to this HCC training session. I will be your host, [NAME]. I am here to assist you during this training session! I am also accompanied by my wonderful trainers/assistants!

If you are a Senior Cashier, you will be dismissed at this point unless you are needed, please keep in mind any necessary picking is randomized! Thank you for showing up, it is greatly appreciated and you don’t go unnoticed!

Kick any senior cashiers that aren’t needed - there should be 1 senior cashier per trainer if needed
Please refrain from chatting and pay close attention while I go over some important rules for this training, you may take notes!

sm Rule I: You are to be respectful to everyone at all times, if you fail to do so you will be removed from the server immediately and possibly demoted from your current rank.

sm Rule II: If you fail your training do not argue with your trainer as there will be consequences if done so. As you can always attend another training session.

sm Rule III: If and when you pass your training do not leave unless instructed to do so by your trainer or the host. If you leave before being dismissed you will not be advance to your next rank.

sm Rule IV: Grammar is NOT required to be used but is highly recommended. Also, always ensure that your messages are legible.

sm Rule V: If you happen to disconnect or go AFK at any point during this training session, you will have a minute to reconnect or come back to your device. If you run out of time you will have to attend another session.

sm Rule VI: You may use resources during the training session, besides your peers as that is prohibited.

m That is the end of the rules for this training session. If you fail to obey those rules you will be kicked from the server and risk demotion. So, please obey those rules and any others that may be brought up by your Trainer.

m Now, I will be moving on to VERY important information for you to know so you can succeed here at this training session so please remain attentive.

sm You will be taken through two separate stages, one stage being orders and the other being trivia. Each question or order is worth a total of one point.

sm In the Trivia Stage, you will be given IV trivia questions, each question is worth 1 point. Keep in mind you may use as many resources as you’d like, just not any of your peers.

sm You’ll also be taken through one trolling simulation in this stage where you Trainer will act as a troller and you have to deal with the situation as if it’s real and that they are a normal customer. This simulation is worth 1 point.

sm The other stage is orders, where you will be given five increasing in complexity orders and you must make them.

sm Cashiers will only be given THREE minutes to complete each order. And all other ranks will NOT be timed. This stage is worth a total of 5 points in total.

sm In order to PASS this training session, Starter Cashiers need VIII/X points, Junior Cashiers need IX/X points, and Cashiers need all X points.

Sm PASSING will/can be adjusted based off your rank in order to ease the stress of some Trainees but there are no exceptions for Cashiers.

sm If you at some point reach the proper amount of points to pass this session, are to still be attentive and participate because if you leave you will not advance to the next rank.

sm If you are a Senior Cashier, you will be expected to obey all rules stated earlier and aid the trainer if they ask you for anything. Otherwise, you may spectate only your assigned trainer!

Sm There is THREE commands accessible to Trainees at Trainings! Those are the !Clear command for clearing all the items in your inventory, !Notepad, and !Recipes!

Sm By saying the !Notepad a GUI where you can write notes on orders and other information will popup! Click the X to close the notepad, your notes save unless you leave the game!

Sm The !Recipes command allows you to see a limited and shortened list of the basic kitchen recipes! Currently, this is ONLY available to trainees and not at the cafe!

m That concludes all of the information that will be said of me at this point. If you have any questions from this point on you are to ask your trainer.

With that being said, TrainERS (and Shadows) please go to your assigned stations. TrainEES, please stay put as you will be teleported soon to the station.


After you, the host, have stated all that information and have sent everyone to their stations. You may spectate or help out if needed then be ready to promote once trainees are done being trained. When promoting, go to the group main page and go to edit the trainee’s roles then refresh them to make sure they were ranked and dismiss them (kick if necessary). Once the session is over, make sure to announce that the session has concluded!

Shifts Explained

Since you’re a High Rank you may host shifts whenever you’d like just not excessively of course! Below is all you need to know about hosting a shift.

When hosting a shift you must group shout AND send a message on our communication server in the staff announcements channel! Here are the templates for the two messages…

Shift | Host: [NAME] | Come on down to the cafe and grab a drink or a bite to eat!

A shift is currently being hosted by [name]! Come on down to our cafe to chat with our friendly staff, grab a bite to eat, and get some drinks!


After you posted this, please join the cafe and do not leave until you conclude the shift! You may take pictures or play some games with the members that attend! When you choose to end the shift, you will alter the template messages and send the messages, you may simply say the shift has ended in our communication server instead of that whole template message as well. But do NOT ping the shift ping role again when the shift concludes!

When it comes to the game, to announce the shift is over, say the following commands in order…

:shiftwarn - Warns the players that the shift is about to end.

:shiftend - Tells the players that the shift has ended.

After you do all of the following actions taken to end the shift, you may leave the game!

Administration & Blacklisted Commands

As a High Rank, you will receive a permanent admin at the Training Center and a permanent admin at the Cafe! Here is a list of the commands that are allowed and those that are forbidden. If you hover over the message in the :cmds section, it will list the function of these commands!

Blacklisted Commands

The following are commands that are NOT ALLOWED to be utilized and will result in a suspension or worse unless given permission by the Chairman.

:unadmin, :team, :hat, :jump, :sit, :speed, :ws, :god, :ungod, :ff, :unff, :music, :play, :volume, :pitch, :vol, :stopsound, :setreverb, :reverbs, :give, :startergear, :clearstartergear, :time, :joinserver, :privateservers, :name, :unname, :change, :heal, :jumppower, :trellobans, :exampleplugin,

Valid Commands

The following commands are ALLOWED to be utilized as long as you do so within reason.

:respawn, :res, :kick, :cmds, :admins, :ingameadmins, :chatlogs, :logs, :bans, :pm, :m, :slock, :unslock, :h, :tp, :to, :bring, :info, :joinlogs, :gamepassinfo, :iteminfo, :pbans, :shutdownlogs, :view, :unview, :refresh, :ref, :countdown, :tools, :removetools, :clear, :clr, :viewtools, :changelogs, :shutdown

Communication Server Administration

As a High Rank, you not only get the permissions to all the moderation commands in our Communication/Discord Server but you also get access to administration ones! Here are the commands…

  • Locking/Unlocking (/Lock or /Unlock - MANAGEMENT TEAM+)
    If you need to have more control over a channel because it is out of control you now have access to lock and unlock the channel which prevents users from chatting in that channel. Perhaps you need to warn the two people who are talking before letting them continue chatting, or in other situations, you may lock the channel and then unlock it by using this command.

  • Delete Warnings (/Delwarn - MANAGEMENT TEAM+)
    In case someone slips up and accidentally warns someone incorrectly you may look over the warnings utilizing the warnings command then delete the warning if needed using this command.

  • Alter Duratations (/Duratation - MANAGAMENT TEAM+)
    Similar to the delete warnings, you may also edit the durations of a user’s mute in the server. Perhaps the person who muted them shouldn’t have muted them for 24h so you instead change it to 12h. In doing so, you must use this command!

All of these commands MUST be run through our MR OR HR Discussion channel ONLY.

If you need to ban someone, you have to contact the Chairman with sufficient evidence. SHRs have access to a logs channel that has every message revision, mute, warn, and everything in
it, so if you have any questions on anything you may reach out to them! Also, please keep in mind these commands are run through our bot ‘Donald’ or Dyno and that these commands are based on our rules and guidelines channel in our communication server. Lastly, the moderation commands are still given to the administrators, always remember that, and view more information on those in the MR Guide.

Conclusion Message

That is everything! Please remember before you ask any questions to look over the middle rank guide because that guide might answer your questions as well! Congratulations on being part of the High Rank team, the SHR team welcomes you and is so happy to have you! Our SHR team is always here to help you, and here to serve you here at Honey Comb Cafe, please remember that!

Guide Authorized by Honey Comb Cafe’s Executives,
Created 8/19/2022