HD Admin Marketplace prompt virus?

I see the exact script and everything the issue is, why is an official model having a virus like this? Once i delete it everything is fine, i just want to know how to keep the HD admin but not have the virus. TO CLARIFY the scripts are HDAdminGui’s and are apart of the “require” code.

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Just find Market in all of those required scripts by searching it, that’s that’s best and easiest method instead of reading every line.

Have you checked the require code?

Also even though it’s an official model, they still may be infected, people just don’t care.

What does that accomplish? Im asking because I already did that and im wondering if i missed something, im wondering why a model with 60k+ likes has a virus and nothing else in my game.

Please only use this model and not copies, you can look at it more here.

It accomplishes you being able to disable the prompt virus by adding a comment to that line of code.

Alright ill try that, ill tell you if it works.

Thats the exact model i used in my game.

Then your game has a virus not the model. Most likely a plugin. I’m pretty sure there’s no viruses in the module.

I already said I checked all scripts (even deleted entire portions of my game) and all my plugins.

How does a game have a virus? Only scripts have viruses and contain them. But the plugins may have a virus.

Are you using the correct model then?

Plugins can add CORE GUI VIRUS SCRIPTS :warning:

Edit: If you delete them you still have to check the entirety of Core Gui.

Because that portion of the game had a lot of scripts in them, instead of having to check 500+ scripts i could delete all of them to see if that block of scripts had the virus.

Yes, I am aware, I did say that may be the case.

Yes I am using the correct model.

Man… the script search would’ve searched every SINGLE script >_<
No need to delete.
It’s a virus that prompts a product.
It’s OBVIOUSLY marketplace.

Open up a base load up the model and see if it calls a virus module.

It seems to me this is only happening to you and not me.