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Quick update for anyone visiting this thread in 2022

HD Admin was a passion project I began working on all the way back in 2016, almost 5 years ago now. It’s been overwhelming to see the positive reception and uptake of the application, however to say it was outdated would be a slight understatement.

While I still provide regular bug-fixes/patches for HD Admin, you may have noticed we haven’t added new features or commands for a few years now. This is because we’ve been working towards a new administration system to release next year - Nanoblox:

Nanoblox will provide an enhanced feature set (linear ranks will be replaced with dynamic roles for instance that greater reflect modern role systems such as from discord), the ability to customise features (such as bans, roles, etc) in-game and in-studio (via a plugin), on a global scale or server-specific scale, a significantly improved task execution model (command tasks can be viewed, paused, resumed and cancelled for instance, any command can be broadcasted globally, looped, previewed, etc with ‘modifiers’ (e.g. ;globalFart all, ;loop(100, 0.5)kill @ForeverHD), and much, much more, with accompanying documentation and tutorials.

We will start posting updates here nearer to release:


You’re welcome to follow our progress at the open source repository above. For anyone looking to learn by reading, I highly recommend the current Nanoblox codebase over HD Admin - it contains up-to-date practices and is overall significantly more organised.


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