Help me with my Low-Poly bank!

Can you guys tell me what i can do to improve this build?
Rate it x/10
and finally, tell me what i did good on it.


This one is an expirement color.


Second Try


It looks good, The only couple of things I’d would say is try changing the colour of the doors and try to fill up the space under the “B” with something because it look a bit bland, Otherwise its amazing:)

What would you suggest adding? And can you rate it x/10?

I think you should move the “B” a bit down as it is right underneath the roof, I’d rate this a 9/10 :smile:

Thats really high, It took me like 5 minutes to build, and 5 minutes to make the B. You dont think I should add anything else?

I don’t really see anything else going there (I’m not the best builder myself), Maybe some other fellow devs might be able to help you :slight_smile:

Hi. I think a lighter color scheme would work better similar to the inspiration photo provided. I would also resize that square indent where the B is down longer so there isn’t so much empty space between the indent and the door.

Besides that, the main thing I would recommend would be some adjustments to the windows. If you look at the inspiration photo, you’ll notice the gaps in between the windows are pretty similar throughout. On your build, the distances vary more greatly causing that empty space going up the middle, and the first floor windows don’t have any yellow wall beneath them since the white base trim is there, so I’d recommend moving all of the windows up a bit. You could also consider adding a window frame if you want it to be a bit more detailed.

edit: Here’s a super useful plugin for text so you don’t have to spend so much time building it yourself: ThreeDText Plugin: Generate 3D text quickly!

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Thanks, that was helpful! And I might check that plugin out. Don’t you think I should add something.

Okay, let’s start.

Picture to start: 89d5db7d1d936bf508f76fb287cfe82d

  1. This inner-cut in to the “B”. It has like two blocks before it goes in and it starts to make it look like a hotel.

  2. I don’t really see why a bank needs 3 floors, especially when it’s not going to be entered into, I’d have just 2 floors and 2 is pushing.

  3. I’d raise the whole thing up about 15-20 studs and then adding stairs to the front.

  4. Overall, it looks nice I’d just change it up a bit to keep it interesting and new. The point of an inspiration is to add on to it and get like a starting point, not copy.

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Adding stairs where??? And if you’re saying 2 floors is pushing, why raise it so many studs?

Well, it doesn’t have to be exact, but I’d add stairs in the front. Like 2-3 blocks up.

I don’t understand… can you find a picture to base it off of? I’m still confused.

Somewhat like what’s circled in red.

Maybe change the color scheme, this one doesn’t look as appealing.

From your inspiration picture, you could add;
the windows seem to be too low, raise them a little bit like;
You could also change the design of the windows, it’s too repetitive. Make one set longer or wider perhaps.

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Hey SchwarzWalde!

Your build is great so far, overall I would give it a 6/10 rating. You have yourself a very good reference picture. I’ll tell you the successes in the references, and hopefully you can apply those to your own build.

The bank in the reference picture has a neutral base color which allows all other colors to contrast with it and make the few details stand out. You always want to use a light color for the base, because it makes the building more inviting overall.

Small details
The bank indents the windows, as well as the sign which make the 3D shape stand out, and also give the base a more defined stance. See that you also indented the ‘B’ sign, but I would hold back on it (right now I feel like its too deep). The windows are great, but I would also add a frame to define the windows a bit more.

Walls/ Windows
Notice in the reference picture how all the walls are filled. This gives the building a more cohesive touch where the whole building is connected. The windows however, probably play the biggest part in this buildings success. The windows outline the floor plan, and the tall windows make it so much better. If this were a taller building, then tall windows on the bottom and consistently sized windows on each floor thereafter would make sense. However, in any tall building you should have one floor height shift to distinguish the lobby from other floors.

Low-poly builds thrive in a colorful simple setting, I’m sure that is to come in your final project.

Finally, best of luck! I love your creation and hope to see the final project someday!

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I don’t understand, what did you mean by “the walls are filled”?

notice in your build how the walls in between your window sections are larger than the actual windows, and there is space without detail or window above the door. These parts aren’t filled.

On the front exterior of the wall, you should aim to have any details (such as a sign or windows ) have a larger size than wall segments. Treat the wall almost like a border, because it outlines welcoming features. This only applies to the entrance.

Finally, on your second attempt the staircase should have a brief level area. Stairs normally aren’t connected to buildings, they usually have flat ground.

I agree with @greatgavin on the walls and windows. They could use a little more detail, but it goes back to @z4ayn’s post on the colour scheme as it seems hard to work with the shade that you have right now for detail.

It may help if you explain this, are you making like a City game?

@greatgavin @Desirevoids @fourpapa1 @8To_oT8 @z4ayn
I updated it a bit, thank you guys for the help!