[HELP] Terrain Issue

[I DON’T KNOW IF THIS IS THE CORRECT SUBCATERGORY](if its not please guide me to the correct subforum)

I recently reset my computer and now when I join a game and/or go into studio my terrain/baseplate is automatically black. Is there any fix to this issue?

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I seem to fix this issue.

If you’re having this same issue, Uninstall ROBLOX studio and reinstall it!

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Possibly related

I had this issue too. Just either reopen the game (more than once, about 3 times) which worked for me, or reinstall completely.

This is not the correct category for visual bugs. Please support the existing thread that @Kiriot22 has linked:

Be sure to provide important information such as Operating System, Graphics Card, Roblox Version, etc. Please refer to this post for future reference: