Help with material changing

I know how to change the material of a part traditionally by writing:

part.Material = Enum.Material.Neon

However I’m working on something that requires me to change the material of the character’s head, however the material isn’t actually changing. The most annoying part is that all the other body parts are changing. It is possible to change the material of the player’s head? I was thinking of replacing the head with a sort of “clone of it” but I’m not sure how it’ll work.

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Show code where every other body parts material changes color but the head

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There’s no “code”, since I figured it’d be as simple as just doing

head.Material = Enum.Material.Neon

But when I change it nothing happens

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From my experience, heads can’t change materials, since it’s a mesh (and i’ve tried before), but i am not too sure.

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That’s the weird part, I tried changing the color of all the other body parts (all of which are also meshes), and it worked, just looks like it doesn’t work on the head

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That is because the head does not support materials.

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If you’re working with a R15 rig it’s because: r15 body parts are meshparts, which support materials (in most cases)

Edit: i deleted the r6 part because it was wrong and was misinformation.

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Since I can’t traditionally change the head’s material, I’m thinking of creating a sort of “fake head” which I can change the material of.

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I found a related topic, maybe this can help you: How do I add material to a humanoid head?


This post tells me to use a meshpart instead of a special mesh, the problem is I’m already using a mech part, yet the material is still not changing.

Check the texture field of the mesh to make sure it is empty.

The TextureID property is empty, is this what you were referring to?

Yes, also there is a property in Workspace to do with heads. Workspace | Roblox Creator Documentation

You should see it changing that fixes it.

I messed around with the property but it still seems to not be working. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a neon head working in Khol’s Admin, I’ll look into the source a bit.

If not you can try to use SurfaceAppearance however I don’t know if Neon is possible through this.

The effect I’m going for is something like how it is in Bed Wars and Minecraft how when a player is hit they flash red. Maybe there’s a way around changing materials for this to happen?

You could create a copy of the player’s character (remove all textures from the copy) make the copy’s body parts slightly bigger on all axises. Then customise them to be neon red.

This is how I expect most fighting games do it.

This would probably work, however it still brings along the problem of how am I supposed to make the head neon?

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The Clone head should not be locked in material.