Help With SkyTram

So I was making a SkyTram (Feedback On My SkyTram Feedback on My SkyTram Holder)
And I was importing it into ROBLOX Studio, and the weirdest thing happened.

The two little things at the top look like they are hollow.
Here is my blender file:
Done.blend (758.9 KB)
And my OBJ file:
Done.obj (96.3 KB)
Does anybody know why it is acting so weird?

You need to flip your normals. Try watching this video.


Thank you. I remember that not flipping normals can make your model bad.

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The face’s normals are inverted inside out. This could be fixed by using the shortcut (CTRL + N.) You’ll need to flip your normals in edit mode select the mesh and flip it. I’m assuming a better approach would be clicking/ looking at the upper-left of 3D view menu and click. Mesh > Normals > Flip Normals.

Consider in the future to use the search function before creating another topic similar topics like this have been brought up and answered:

Also, can I export the seats with the object so that the player can sit on it, or will that not work? @KrazyKha0s

Okay, I will do that. I already searched though and I did not find it because I did not know the problem was normals.

Wait I tried that and it did not work

I don’t understand. You should be able to export the seats separately.

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No I mean that flipping normals did not work.

It seems to be working fine for me.

Hmm. Can you give the blend file so I can see if I did something wrong?

I sent it to you via DMs. (30 chars)

Okay. I will check it. 30 chars.