Transparent meshpart when imported into roblox problem

This is how it looks like after it’s imported into roblox from blender:

Inside it shows all the sides:


Added a picture + how would that help? I started making something else just now :confused:

It says that im using blender in the post but aight.

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bruh yeah i just woke up my bad, sorry for the misunderstanding again, editing my response

My friend has experienced this same problem, so I think I know what your problem is. Try to go back into blender and see if your mesh was squished. If so, press E to extrude it. Hope this helps! :smile:

go to blender and clear the sharps

Just go to Blender and select the mesh then press CTRL + N to flip normals.

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Basically, as @RegularRival said, your object’s Normals (the faces) are inside out. If you’re using Blender 2.79 (or earlier), Ctrl + N “Makes Normals Consistent” inside:

If your meshes faces are already inside, it’ll flip them all to the outside.

However if you’re using Blender 2.8 or later (which honestly, you should be since it’s better to use and learn on), Ctrl + N starts a new save file, so the solution is to go into Mesh > Normals, > Flip Normals