Help With Using the Dev Forum/How to Become a Member

I created this to help users who are new to the dev forum or for people who are already a member but wish to learn more.

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    1. Roblox has strict rules in order for you to become a member, as such becoming a member isn’t easy, and the requirements vary from player to player. however, a general rule is you must have: 7-14hrs of read time, 3-15 days visited, have liked 1 post, read 65-130 topics, bookmarked 1 topic, and read at least 750-2k posts. it is important to note that it scales with you, meaning if you visit for 2 days in a row and then don’t come back until a few days later you will find you will have to have more read time, more posts read, etc. etc. However, this also means if u visit every day, you might need a smaller amount of read time.

    2. For those of you thinking “I’ll just afk for a while on 1 topic every day and in no time, I’ll be a member.” WRONG, Roblox has a very smart attention checker that will stop your read time from going up if u don’t move around from topic to topic or post to post.
      you also must have a certain number of topics and days visited, even if you have 20+hrs under your belt until you’ve logged in multiple days it wont give you your trust level.

    3. since scrolling mindlessly through posts hour after hour can get boring i included a list of important/interesting topics.

      A. Hilarious scripting/animating/modeling fails

      B. The official forum post by Roblox

      C. the official rules of the devforum READ CAREFULLY

      D. Motivational/Reasons for motivation

      E. A really good update and the feedback from it

      F. A way to make an update log server within Roblox, not discord

    4. that’s about it! just keep browsing and using the forum for a few days and then you should become a member!

I’m going to make a side for existing members around tomorrow Cya round folks.


did you read this topic???

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