Hide Past Usernames On Profile

As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to hide your past usernames on your profile. I feel as a user of Roblox that this should be a privacy feature embedded into the platform itself and would allow users to feel safe online with their current username representing their avatar entirely.

This feature wouldn’t improve development necessary but help secure and maintain the safety on Roblox for users who may have accidentally used their real name in the past or names they wish to no longer use. I have uses for both of those.

Here is a lounge thread of other developers who shared their excitement and support for this feature. I believe this would be a nice step forward to securing identity on Roblox.

Thank you for your consideration!


I’m aware this is a pretty old suggestion but honestly the only way you’ll really be able to hide the username is by purchasing so many name changes that they go off of the page. A few of my friends have somewhat around 150+ usernames attached to their account.


I think if it was more refined it’d be more acceptable.
Instead of just having a “show/don’t show past usernames” switch or a “remove all past usernames” button, we could choose between which usernames we want to show/hide/delete. Doing so would allow users to change their alias with relative ease while being known for the previous one(s), as well as being able to remove embarrassing older ones that they don’t want to associate with anymore.

Overall, I support this, it just needs to be pulled off the right way.


Going to bump this; Support! I’m not a typical user who changes usernames but I have friends or colleagues who do and have a lot of usernames being changed often, they could and want to hide their past usernames on their profile.

Anyway, I do think that this is nice to add and implement it into the website so many users who change their usernames often and want to not reveal it to anyone but as what HeadlessHorror said about it, the only way to bypass it has to be having thousands and thousands of R$ of names down a huge row. I don’t know why this was added in the first place when username changing was a thing as some might have concerns for it.

Some settings idea that I had were:

  • Who can view your past usernames?
  • Past usernames: On/Off

^ Same thing as above.

  • Show past usernames: Disable/Enabled

Overall, I do like this being added but there could be at least a flaw into this if it was added and could have an impact on users, we’ll see how it goes.


I think this feature request needs a little bit more light. Okay, my past username is well, uh, you can check it out you self… Long story short, I made the username when I was pretty young and I was trying to spell Vegeta from DBZ and it didn’t go well. As a professional developer who aims to make a career of Roblox, branding is very important to me.

I don’t want that in my past username section, and it honestly surprises me that there is no feature to hide the name you tried to get rid of…