Highlighted comment and more numbers of solutions of a topic?

For topics that has a lot of views, I’m pretty sure there will be a few famous users comes to that topic and maybe share something together. Like for example, someone made a topic about DataStore2, and one famous user, AlvinBlox has joined the discussion and post a comment about him creating a tutorial on DataStore2. My suggestion is that if the devforum has a option called Highlight comment when you are the creator of that topic, you maybe wanna highlight some of the comments on your post. The reason why I’m suggesting this is because maybe that comment is very useful and informative towards the topic, like for example, you create a topic, then you found 2 comments of that topic is very informative and useful. You want to mark 2 of them as solution so that people finds it informative or useful. The thing is you can only do this on one comment. This makes it a bit hard because there maybe other comments on that post which is useful, it’s just that most of the viewers wouldn’t read every single comment of a big topic. So my suggestion is to maybe add a option called Highlight Comment for topic creators to highlight comments which are informative, and useful.

Another thing is that let’s say you create a topic about asking the community to solve a problem, and you found 3 solution in the comment section, and you wanna mark 3 of it as solution but you can’t because devforum only allows you to mark only 1 comment as solution. I wanna suggest this so that maybe the other solutions are more understandable and more informative than the other solutions. You might be asking why can’t you just mark one comment that’s the best solution out of the other ones, well maybe other solutions does have a point as well and might need to be known in that post. I hope I’ve made some good points on why I suggested these 2.


This is not possible by the forum itself. Try suggesting this to Discourse, the software this forum uses. Currently, the only workaround out there is to mark that post as a solution.

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Well, the developers of devforum could make this possible through some scripting, doesn’t it?

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What do you mean by no connection with Roblox? This category is related to the devforum. I don’t like your reply as you are just pointing out it’s off topic. You could’ve just flag it without commenting here.


Hey, we’re interesting in seeing this kind of feedback and other forum feature requests. We can defer to Discourse ourselves if needed, depending on what solution we end up going with if we decide to tackle a particular request. I appreciate you trying to help out, but this is definitely a valid request to post in this category. :slightly_smiling_face:

If you want to also bring it up to Discourse as well as to us, that’s totally fine of course.

(Also @ram4c )


I’ve actually wanted to suggest this for a while, but never knew if it was a valid suggestion in this topic. I have dealt with 2+ solutions in 1 topic and it’s difficult to choose which one to mark as the solution

I really wish this was a thing. I have one topic that has a decent number of replies and there are some really good responses that I’d like to highlight/mark solution. But I can’t come up with one that sums up everything. Having multiple would make it so much easier for the reader as well, to spend maybe 5 minutes reading a thread’s helpful answers instead of 25 minutes going through every response trying to find the one(s) that actually help.

Personally I am not a fan of that feature. People tend to lose their minds when popular users reply to forum posts and with the highlighting option, users will more likely ignore other responses and go with the highlights.