Hiring Builder & UI Designer [R$100,000+]

Im interested if it is still open

DM me, my discord username is adurances;;#2567. It is much easier to discuss this on there.

If this is still open for a UI Designer I am interested

I am very interested in the building position. Contact me! JESES90#1910.

Hey, I am very interested in this job. My discord is Lyte#0001

I’m interested in the position! [OPEN] DisturbedSinox | Builder and UI Designer

My discord is Sinox#5016

Hey there, I am interested. I have done lots of interior designing before and lots of City/residential builds.

Here is my portfolio: [FOR HIRE] Builder/Terrain Editor

Contact me on discord: sureloxx#7985

Hello my discord username is: Revan#6694
Here is my current portfolio: OPEN [Builder] [Scripter] [3D modelling in blender] [Experience with terrain] TaterTech
Please contact me via discord I have some scripting related things to show, I really just want to be a part of an organized dev team.

Hey! DM me on Twitter? @XynThomas

I’m interested in applying for the builder position, my tag is abk#3284.

Hi there! I’m UI Designer. My Discord Zoxian#7341

My portfolio Dan999plus | UI Designer

Hello I am Interested, please contact me on my discord Dinosoreo32#0306

Hi Im very interested. My Discord tag is Krist#1275. Some examples of my work


Made a small mistake, my Discord tag is Krist#1279

I’m interested. pengu#2374 contact me as soon as you can. best of luck to the other applicants

Hi there! I’m Ken and I’m interested to work with you.

Please contact me on discord to continue the discussion nithin#0242

Heya! I’m very interested, my discord is: SurfersSurg#0001

Is there an option to get paid through Paypal USD? If so I’m interested :slight_smile:

I am interested in the UI Design position, my discord is ObscureEffect#9266

I’m interested in being a lead builder for this job. Send me a friend request and I’ll send you over my portfolio.

Discord: aero#6789

-Sincerely Aero