[HIRING] Development Team Wanted -100K Robux Budget Or USD-

About Us

Hi there! We are NV Studios/Quickscope Simulator. Currently, we are working on a game revamp and are looking for people who can do Map Building (FPS maps specifically), scripting, Meshes, textures, (Guns, Pistols etc), GFX, etc. We prefer that applicants can do MULTIPLE positions but it isn’t required.

We have a 100K Robux Budget Or the amount via USD By DevEx Rates to be spread out through the team. Payment will depend on the quality of work and your tasks.

You can contact me here on Discord: ice#8163 or here on the Developer Forum for more info or to apply.

Good Luck And Thanks For Reading.


Sent you a friend request on discord. Im EternalCanadianDev

I can do maybe map building and get payed by each map

I would like to help with translating your game to dutch

I sent a friend request on Discord,BK

@iced_0ut Sent you a friend request in discord.

I sent a request on Discord. I’m Paciferous10 on there as well.

Added you on discord, Krist#1279

Still looking for a main builder if anyone is interested.

I’d love to help out with new maps and possibly weapons.


Hiring any Logo Designer? :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey! I’m interested in UI, Building, Terrain designing and localizing. I have a localization service team eith over 31 languages! I’m currently busy so if you mind sending me a message!

Hello im interested for the GFX role but i cant seem to add you in discord.

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