[HIRING] Dibbler's Games is looking for experienced developers

About Us

Hi there! We are Dibbler’s Games, an upcoming game development team. We will be a multi game studio that will consist of small and fun games.
In future we will create bigger games if necessary.

The Team
MrDibbler: Creator
WarriorLegit: Project Lead
There will be a team that will consist of:
1 Scripter
2 Builders
Minor Developers such as:
UI Designers, GFX Artists & Animators.

About The Job

You will be creating games with us and overtime we will have developed many smaller games and one bigger game in the future once funds have been made by the smaller games.

Games that we will make overtime

Tag! - Self explanatory? Catch other players to gain points and win. Modes like: Solo, Duo and Infection.

Escape! - Infection type game where you have to escape certain places, with the help of unique equipment you can buy.

Look Out! - Dodge Ball type game, will have an Arsenal & Paintball type feel.

Warhammer Mayhem - A fast paced competitive game based in Medieval, warhammers, swords and axes will be used on battle. Abilities & Enchantments as an addition. Will be made last after the smaller games have created funds.


Percentage is a preferred payment for the main developers, if you are going to be a Minor Developer / Commissioner ( UI Designer, GFX Artist or Animator ) we will organize payments in the future but these jobs will only be needed sometime later.

The Studio will be funded by MrDibbler and myself sometime next month
5k soon.
35k - 40k next month.

The Percentages were thought of well to leave extra revenue for the Owner, myself and long term minor developers.


Scripter: 30%
Builders: 15% each

Contact Us

You can contact us on Discord or here on Dev Forum
Owner: Mr Dibblers#6563
Lead: WarriorLegit#4331

You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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I’m interested in the ‘builder’ job. You can see my portfolio here:

You can contact me at arealrobloxian_21#4223, or you can pm me on devforum

I am also interested in the builder job, and my portfolio is listed below:

Can you instant pay…? I don’t work with %.

It would depend on the position you are fitting in for, Scripting and Building would not be an option I would like to pay straight up for

Check my portfolio, contact me on Discord or just give me more information here. You can check my portfolio and see if you can pay the prices.

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