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I am looking for a good GFX Artist willing to spend their own time to make a couple GFX thumbnails/Pictures for our upcoming game. It is Wizard/Mage themed and need something “Powerful”. Something Mage like and Neon.

I need a Mage and a Mage with like the “Camera” in the middle of a fight between them using some type of fire attack with a cool rocky/mythical background.

Example of how i kinda want it


I am not needing it super super detailed but something in between good looking, i can give more information if you contact me.


I am paying R$ (Unfortunately not USD) I am looking in between 1k per image. It can always be negotiated

Contact Me

My Discord: SelectedArctic#1249

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m going to say this, if you want something with a premium/good quality thumbnail, 1k ain’t going to cut it. You’re looking at 10k minimum (I do 4.5k but I am an underseller).

I am not needing it like premium but something in between and like i said, it can always be negotiated, i am willing to go up to 15k if needed.

Well if that’s the case, then go check me out https://www.gwinny7.com/commissions.html

If you want something like that, you won’t get it within 1k, I recommend hiring SoftGB or i5k.

SoftGB: SoftGB | GFX Artist | OPEN
i5k: I5k | 3D Artist/Graphic Designer

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