[HIRING] INV1CTUS STUDIOS - All Roles//Long Term Project//Anyone Welcome

Hello there! Thanks for stopping by! I’m GalaxionX, and I am the owner/leader of INV1CTUS STUDIOS. I am looking for all sorts of developers - scripters, builders, UI designers, etc. to help contribute to our upcoming game, PULSE. PULSE is a cyberpunk-esque sci-fi MMORPG that centers on a massive world in which you and your friends battle against horrific threats that seek to destroy the Earth. Any experience is welcome, as long as your work product and work ethic put you above the rest. Here is my previous solo project to demonstrate my various skills, feel free to check it out: TEMPO. - Roblox

We are seeking out team members that share the same intense passion for expansive, sci-fi /cyberpunk-themed media. As a member of this team, you are expected to contribute to your part of the project. You are expected to communicate frequently with your fellow developers, and put out a high-quality work product in a reasonable-time frame. This is a LONG-TERM job, so expect to work on this project for quite some time. As the project manager/do-it-all developer, my goal is most importantly to build strong relationships and connections with the dev-team, as well as facilitate the progress of the game. This game would be a great resume-builder for new developers who seek a challenging; yet fun and rewarding experience.

@GalaxionX - Project Manager/Scripter/UI Designer
@You - Scripter - 35%
@evogol - Builder/Modeler - 25%
@You - UI Designer/GFX Artist - 15%


  • Scripter(s) - Along with me, you will be in charge of scripting our game. Your work must be optimized and bug-free. Examples of what you will be working on are Datastores, raycasting, pathfinding, Mob AI, etc. A portfolio or examples of your previous work must be provided.

  • Builder(s) - You will be charged with creating realistic, futuristic cities and also expansive terrain. There will also need to be the completion of armor sets and various weapons such as guns/swords. You may also need to create various mobs/bosses. Experience with blender/maya/3d modeling software is preferred. A portfolio/examples of your previous work is needed.

  • UI Designer - Along with me, you are tasked with creating an intuitive, modern GUI that enhances the player experience. Also, thumbnails/banners during launch will be needed. A portfolio/examples of your previous work is needed.

  • Animator - You will be charged with making detailed character animations, weapon animations, and mob animations. The animations should be smooth/fluid, and also realistic. A portfolio/examples of your previous work is needed.

A generous “security payment” will be provided, which is a robux payment that will be provided granted the game ceases production mid-development. along with the percentages listed above in the Teams Section of the game’s income. All payment is negotiable, and contact me with any questions.

Please fill out this application: INV1CTUS STUDIOS APPLICATION
After you’re done, reach out to me on Discord at Zero Prime #7501, or shoot me a PM on the DevForum. If you prefer other means of communicating, please comment below this post.
You must be 13 years or older to apply.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day! :smiley:


I’ve sent you a request I’ll reply as soon as you accept me.

Hey! I sent a Discord Friend Request. I am looking to attend to the Graphics Designer Position. For your information, here is my portfolio: [FOR HIRE] Maestrius || GFX Artist

Hey, I accepted your friend request and sent you something. Thanks for your interest!

Is the payment guaranteed? How much you have for start?

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I have 10k robux avaliable to make down-payments.

Hey guys, thank you all for your interest! The animator has been hired, but we still have many more roles open!

Interested in the UI-Designer position if it’s not taken. You can find my portfolio here. Have a nice evening/day!

Hello, I would like apply to for the GFX Designer position! Here is my portfolio, and I hope to get a response soon! Portfolio- [OPEN] PirateCasher - GFX Designer

I also sent a friend request on Discord.

hello! can i join im a UI Designer,GFX Maker and Builder

Please either PM me on the DevForum or add my Discord, as stated in the post. We can discuss further there.

Still looking for a scripter! Thank you for everyone that applied!

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