[HIRING & PAYING] Looking for Developers to work on a Roleplay Game!

About Us

Hi there! I’m looking to finish up a brand new game and I am currently looking for developers to help me do so! I plan for it to be a roleplay city game, I can do most of the stuff for the game but I just need a bit of extra help.

What We Need

  • Vehicle Creator (1/2)
  • Scripter (2/3) | Preferably someone who understands DataStores
  • UI Designer (1/2)
  • Builder (3/3)
  • GFX Designer (2/2)
  • Animator (2/2)
  • Tool Designer (3/3)
  • Map Creator (2/3) | We need someone to make the actual map itself with the terrain etc, and place all of our buildings onto the map
  • Clothing Designer (0/3)
  • Let me know if you specialize in another skills!


Depending on what previous work you show, we can negotiate a payment in direct messages.

Contact Us

You can contact me via my by privately messaging me on the Roblox DevForum, Discord direct messages (Coderholic#4750), or by commenting on this post.

Please contact me if you are a developer of any sort, I need all the help I can get.

Thanks for reading and have a great day! :slight_smile:


Im confused because you have it crossed out but it says (2/3)???

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Sorry, I fixed it now. Thank you for bringing that to my attention!

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“I just need a bit of extra help.”
.> hires 20 developers


Was wondering if you needed a modeler

Haha, lol. Most of the stuff is done for the game, I just need a big team to do some small things.

Hit me up on Discord. @Coderholic#4750

Feel free to check me out. If you’re interested in working with me.4wku | Programmer & Builder

Hello, I am interested. Please DM me on Discord. @Coderholic#4750

Hello i am interested, everything you need to know about me is on my portfolio :slight_smile: RoadmanBruno | Builder Portfolio | LOW/HIGH POLY [OPEN]

im interested for builder role discord jailbreak#7767

Hi, I have sent you a friend request on Discord. My username is Coderholic#4750

Hello, please send me a DM on Discord. My username is Coderholic#4750, I sent you a friend request.

We are now looking for clothing designers! DM me on Discord if interested! My username is Coderholic#4750

Hi there, I’d be willing to come on as a builder. Feel free to check out my portfolio and contact me if still interested! OPEN: Paulyus1's Builder Portfolio (Airports, Cities, and More!)

Hi! I would like to apply! Can you dm me here on devforum?

I do clothing designing.
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Sent a friend request on Discord.

I’ve added you on discord, My discord is triffy#8947 if you couldn’t find it, thanks for your time.

Hey! I sent you a friend request on Discord, username is xynthomas#1312