How are people making they're audio public?

In the screenshots you can see that their are public audios that are not made by Roblox, I wanna know how people are doing this because when ever I try to do this. Roblox just says that I can’t make my audio public.

Can anyone telling why?

Sound effects that are around I believe 6 seconds or less are still allowed to be public.
The “Monstercat” player is Monstercat, a music company who partnered up with Roblox a few years ago to allow people to use their music

Other full length royalty free music’s are also allowed to be public.


If its under 6 seconds its able to become public
As for the Monstercat ones, they partnered with roblox and roblox made their audios public read here

Yeah but, I tried making this sound public and it still said that I couldn’t. It was under 6 seconds and still wouldn’t go public.
Here’s the sound btw:

I’m not actually sure.
I have an old audio I’ve uploaded publicly since 2017 that is under 6 seconds, and its still up and public for anyone to use.

However, I’ve uploaded more sounds (6 seconds and less) after the audio update, but I also can’t make them public.
I think only audios uploaded before the update that were already 6 seconds or less are allowed to be public.

When the audio update happened, all sound effects 6 seconds and under were automatically public. You cannot make a new sound public no matter the duration or status. Songs by Monstercat, and Roblox audio are also automatically public.

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