How can I use my own Copyrighted Music in my own game?

I think you can just upload it. I don’t think there’s any issues with using it as long as you own the rights to the song.

thing is, roblox doesn’t know that when you upload it, and therefore could give him a copyright strike, when in reality he owns the rights to the song.


imagine getting copyright striked by yourself


Thats why you should email copyright agent email and provide confirmation of ownership.


someone in this thread said contact moderation like it’s possible to get a human response anymore
I found that funny :slight_smile:


That’s what I’ve been doing since yesterday, for the sake of it here are the responses I got;

*Hi Alem,

Thank you for contacting Customer Support regarding using copyrighted music on Roblox.

Users are able to include Licensed Music that is available through Studio in their Experiences. Check out our help article for more information on how to use Licensed Music on Roblox.


(I removed the name)
Customer Support*

Second email:

  • Hello Alem,

Thank you for your response.

At Roblox, we use automated systems that flag content uploaded to our service that may contain copyrighted content owned by someone else, for example, another artist or record label. To assist us in this effort, we employ a service provided by Audible Magic, which is an expert in this field.

Audible Magic’s service involves a digital fingerprinting technology that is used to scan a video, audio file, Experience, or other such user-generated content (UGC) to detect if music tracks owned by a band, singer, or songwriter (or controlled by their respective music label or publisher) have been added to such UGC. It compares the audio of each UGC uploaded to Roblox against a registry of tracks Audible Magic maintains.

If a match is detected, the upload is stopped, and the user is notified. Because of the way that Audible Magic’s system works, music may be flagged where it includes or is substantially similar to segments of other copyrighted works. If you believe Audible Magic flagged your music in error, please contact Audible Magic to see about having your music cleared for passage through the filters. For additional details, please visit the Audible Magic website at Why is content blocked when I didn’t register it with Audible Magic? help article.

Otherwise, if you want to add music to your UGC, please ensure you have the proper rights or licenses to do so before uploading that UGC. In addition to public domain music, there are many sources found online with music you can use with your UGC, including music Roblox makes available to developers. For more information about such music, please review our Developer Forum at Upcoming Music Changes and Copyright Related Action.

This communication does not constitute legal advice and if you have questions of a legal nature, you should consult with your attorney.


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Customer Support*

What proves that this is 100% automated is how one of the links here doesn’t even work :joy:

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Working link

Summary: if you’re working through a label, they may register your content through Audible Magic - if blocked you will need to contact them.

If you’re distributing your music independently, and have not registered through Audible Magic, your music will not be blocked.

If your music is blocked in error, you can contact Audible Magic directly.


If you keep emailing back and forth you will eventually get a non-pre-written reply back, it can just take a few tries to get there sometimes which can be frustrating.


This is incorrect as per Roblox customer service, you must contact Audible Magic (the third-party service that checks music copyright) if your music is blocked in error.


they don’t need a human reply, the default message gave them the answer

If you believe Audible Magic flagged your music in error, please contact Audible Magic to see about having your music cleared for passage through the filters.


Yeah, just clicked the link and it appears that you can have the system not block your music on certain platforms. It’s a nifty feature but the default template definitely could be more detailed about it.


Problem is it’s not an error, I don’t want other people to be able to use my music in their game. I just want them to whitelist it in my games, if that makes sense.

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Alright you’re telling me that I’m incorrect even tho I own a music publishing company which licenses music to the Roblox platform? Which we did this way and since then we do it via other internal team since we got partnered?

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Audio is not public by default.

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What you’re saying contradicts what Roblox says. I’m not saying you don’t do it that way; I am saying that is not how OP should do it.

From my knowledge the OP have to license his music to Roblox and for that the easiest way is just reaching out to the copyright agent email.

This contradicts all available documentation, including direct replies from customer support.

Well as they do in most cases?

Reply I got a year ago:

Thank you for contacting us.

We are forwarding your information to the appropriate department and personnel. If they need more information from you or wish to pursue this further, they will follow-up with you directly.


A. Negi
DMCA Agent
Roblox Corporation

So what this tells me is the Copyright Agent is not the right person to contact, and OP should follow the advice they got from Customer Support. They are basically saying “this is not our department’s job.”