How exploiter leaks full script game?

I want to protect my game


Here are some good articles already on DevForum on how you can protect your game from exploiters:

And these are just two, I’m sure you can find many more by simply searching for it in the Resources section of DevForum.


I mean it is possible to make anti cheat for your game, but there will always be someone who would bypassed that script. just like how people did with pet simulator 99


Hold on, sorry to go a bit off topic but what happened to ps99?


Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as an “anti-leak” script. Once an exploiter has injected their tools, they gain full access to the client. Since the client needs and has access to the map, so will the exploiter. The only areas they do not gain access to are Server Scripts and Classes that are not Client Replicated, such as “ServerScriptService” or “ServerStorage”. This is the point where you have to rely on Roblox itself and its Anti-Tampering Software “Byfron”.

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I mean how exploiter leaks full script rbxl

like this

If the exploiter has gotten complete access to all of your script’s including server-sided scripts, then that means there’s a so called “Backdoor” in your game. Backdoors allow exploiters to access areas they shouldn’t be able to access by using Malicious Plugins or Malicious Loadstrings. Generally done by sending Information to the Exploiter through a webhook or however. In that case you need to be careful what Plugins you install and what you add to your game. This, sadly, has been a long issue in Roblox and still is to my last knowledge.

Alot of exploiters already exploiting it, and stealing the map of that game. Not sure how? but it seem Roblox Anti Cheat already been Bypassed for people to already be Exploiting again. kinda waste of money in my opinion!

Honestly Roblox bought Synapse, and Byfron, just to be Bypassed not even a year later. They should of just spent the money on Better Servers.

(Sorry for off topic), But what @00_linv mentioning with full scripts inside a stolen game already is basically just a save instance coding inside a exploit which explain more about it here. Not 100% sure if you can do anything about it? But that’s why i have Alot of my Games on private for this reason.

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Yes, and saveinstance() as of right now doesn’t save the actual scripts, so that is patched. And also it’s ofc the client scripts so how are there so many knock off pet simulators 99 that act the same as regular ps99. I’ll list an old example: Pet Sim Z, Small Games etc.

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Yeah, I agree SaveInstance() Been patch for scripts, but stealing the whole map hasn’t yet. Hopefully Roblox add a patch for that aswell so Developers can release more games, without stressing.

Reason why i keep my games on for my Friends only, instead Public, to everyone until Roblox actually fix the map stealing issue!

I mean they did a good job getting rid most of Exploits, but some still around that also have SaveInstance().

But yeah, i agree with you that they cant steal scripts anymore. but knowing pet sim 99, or any other game. you can easily just program the whole game if that person has the Map, and UIs.

yeah i dont think their patching saveinstance() tbh but nice attempt and nice informative paragraph about this situation.

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go solo or give people you actually trust dev access

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