How I can make Interactive Cutscenes?

Hello Everyone, so, right now I’m making a Big Story game about Zombie apocalyptic. And, I got inspired by The Walking Dead game. Maybe someone knows that this game has a lot of Player-Based cutscenes, I really like this concept game and I need to know how I can make it in Roblox. I already trying to do something, but, I don’t think that I can make it.

What solutions have you tried so far? I tried this post, but I don’t understand anything about it and it doesn’t give me any new information. Like, it gives basic information that I already know.

So, here is a link for Cutscene examples. (I know that it’s a pretty long video, but I can’t find any other videos/examples)

If someone gives code tips and animation tips, It would be really appreciated! Thanks.


There are some plugins for stuff like this. Just one I found…


I already said that I don’t need ONLY camera transitions, it’s easy to make with TweenService. I need Player-Based cutscenes. And I won’t use any plugins in my game.

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What do you mean by « Player-Based » cutscenes?

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I mean, in my game, I have the main character. And, when a player is touching for example first part, it will start playing a cutscene with the main character doing something. For example: Walking, talking, etc. For that question, I’ve given a link with Player-Based examples.

Here, I found another example: Cutscene Concept | ROBLOX Animation - YouTube


I’ve always had the problem of finding direct examples too!

Looking at that link you provided there’s another video attached:

I’m yet to try this kit out myself.


Thanks! That helps a lot for my game.

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