How many voxels are too many?

We are currently at 5 million voxels, 574 parts.

We are trying not to push the limits too much, the part count is low, however we are unsure about the voxel count.

We do testing on a low end PC with Intel hd graphics, i3 processor, this way we know if this PC can run it then most can.



I’d suggest a bit less than at 10Mil, no more than 14Mil.

This is from a personal and community point of view as most machines can handle this.

If you go over 10M, you might experience some slowness and lag in the game.

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I’d hate to bump this, but it still is an active question as technology as advanced. Are we still aiming towards a limit of 10M Voxels? I know the game I’m currently working on it has 207 million Voxels and with Streaming Enabled and LOD with Roblox I’m sure the recommended 10M or lower has definitely jumped since 2019 hardware.

Well, what are your computer specs? If you have like a somewhat decent computer that runs 50-70 fps then I’m sure it’s fine on mobile devices as well. Here is a thread I found about this made in summer 2021: How many voxels can roblox handle?

I haven’t really played any high voxel games at all, and I probably didn’t even notice if I did as I average about 140 fps on most games :man_shrugging:

I’d consider myself on the higher end of the spectrum sitting with specs listed below, but on my system I personally don’t have an issue with running roblox but in terms of changes roblox has made a long the way (good or bad) It’s definitely changed.

  • Nvidia RTX 3070
  • AMD Ryzen 7 5800x 8-Core
  • 32 GB Ram
  • Windows 11

When I finish the entire game I’m probably going to be sitting at roughly 500M voxels if not higher

now majority of the voxels is coming from terrain which is gonna have streaming enabled

You will most likely be fine as I basically have the exact same specs as you and can run most games. (I play very big games with the highest graphics, almost no performance tank). Using streaming enabled will most likely help a lot too, but I recommend testing on an actual
Mobile device. Sometimes I play a game called Anomic on large servers (45 players), the game is basically made out of terrain, for hundreds of thousands of studs, and I usually get around 90 fps on the highest graphics if that helps.

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