How to access the original .obj/.fbx files of the endorsed vehicle pack

In February of this year, Roblox released pre-made car models that were both scripted and modeled. I and a lot of other developers have tried to give the cars new skins, but to do that we need the original UV map - since importing a Roblox mesh into Blender gives terrible results with triangles, etc.

I asked the original creator, @Orlando777, how I would change the texture and he answered:

But I did not understand what he meant, is there any good way to make new textures? Or could anyone elaborate/explain what Orlando meant?
Does anyone have, not necessarily the original, good uv maps on these cars?

And is there any chance you could share the original .fbx/.obj files of the cars with us @Orlando777 because then we can make “clean” UV maps? You would really help so many because the cars are just amazing! Thank you so much.

Thank you everyone for reading! Best regards.


Have u tried roblox plus plugin

They aren’t Textures.
They put decals on all the sides. Imagine the Mesh of the car as a Part with decals on all 6 sides.
If you look at the car model you should see the decals listed in the Model.
You may be able to get the decals out of the toolbox if Roblox made them public. If you can you might be able to get the images and use a graphics program to repaint them.

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