New Endorsed Models in Toolbox!

So this means we can use Vehicle branded names without getting copyright strikes

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Very nice job with these! I assume the ‘enter vehicle’ system was some kind of beta for proximity prompts? I would recommend updating these models so they use them as that represents a ‘roblox endorsed model’ more than a similar looking custom system! Just a suggestion!

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You can get the TextureId of the mesh and use that in combination with a browser plugin (BTRoblox) to download the texture.

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I was never answered if I can make this in blender.

Try it out, it might work!! :grin:

The models were not textured but instead use decals which use a projection method, best approach I can explain is getting ortho top/side views in blender, cropping them so the outer faces touch the image ends and design off that. Best regards!

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Theses Are Useful And Can Help People. 10/10

Thanks for answering @Orlando777, I appreciate you helping me a lot! :slight_smile:

Regarding the textures, when exporting the model from Roblox and then importing it into Blender the shapes and UVs get all messed up, essentially making it quite hard to either UV map and/or using the technique you said (if I understood you right).

This might be a bold request, but is there any way we could get the original model files? That way we can get a more precise car to edit and it would be easier to, say, UV map it and add textures. We can export the models from Roblox nevertheless, but, it would be a great help if we could get the original models instead/too. What do you say @Rototally and @Orlando777? Hope I am not coming of as pushy, I really appreciate you guys taking your time off to help me, I really do. Thank you.
sincerely - John.

As you can see, the model (when exported from Roblox) has some interesting UVs (too say the least):


Anyone notice how the vehicles don’t fit in with the mood of the city?

This is how the cars currently look like in the city

It’s weird. It’s literally realistic sidewalks, traffic lights, buildings but a cartoony low poly-ish car.

This is how it should look

The blue car is pretty realistic, it has alot of detail and textures that make it fit in with the mood of the city.

Here’s the cars I used for the second screenshot
My Summer Car Packs - Roblox


Like I said the vehicles have no UV map, original files or not, they used decals which are projection maps.

Thanks a lot for your answer @Orlando777.

I am sorry for bothering you, but I think I phrased myself a little bit wrong. By UV maps, I kind of meant how the parts on the car are. (It’s hard to describe). But, if you look at this image
I’m pretty sure that the original model didn’t have all these complicated shapes, especially looking at the doors and etc. So what I meant by that is that the original model will have different seams (is that the correct word?) and the UV maps (which I can then make) will be much more precise and simple. If you don’t want to share the original file, that’s totally ok. Although it wouldn’t make any difference for you, as we can get the model anyway. But, again, it’s fine if you don’t want to share it.

Could you maybe explain a little more in-depth what you mean by this?

I’m not the best at Blender so excuse my bad knowledge, but I can’t really understand what you mean by this. Could you maybe elaborate a little? Thank you so much, as I’ve said before, I am beyond grateful. And again, I apologize for being such a bore.

Thanks, sincerely John.

This is soo good! I have one question how do I change the vehicle’s body without breaking the entire car?


I was testing the model’s compatibility, and the drive seat works fine upon almost completely stripping away the body, yet the passenger seats don’t?
Only thing left in the body are the wheels, and I did not edit the chassis.

When you get a model from somewhere AFTER it has been imported in, especially from ROBLOX, the model gets a bunch of unnecessary vertices and triangles. I don’t know why this happens, but it does happen.

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Yeah, I know. I think it has something to do with when you import it into a blender file. (Since the original blender file was converted to an .fbx file, then you export it to an .obj file and then into Blender)

That’s why I asked if we could get the original files since it would make modifications and textures much easier to work with.

This all looks very good. Keep up the good work!

Only when you export parts, with meshes what you see is what the original shape is.

They should all be using proximity prompts, what vehicle are you referring to?

The car bodies were made earlier before PBR was available. What chassis are you using for your vehicles?

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I didn’t make them at all, but I believe they’re A-Chassis which is a common used chassis.