How to add a part where your camera is

Hello! and sorry if I’m using the wrong category…
I’m making a game that use a lot of different cameras position, but there’s a little problem…
It’s very hard to place your parts in a great position to put the camera on them, I think it would be way more easier if there’s a method or plugin that places a part exactly where your camera is in studio (I’ve searched up but didn’t find any result)
So… do you guys know any solution?

You can access your studio camera in the command console through workspace.CurrentCamera . You can also use the method to create a new part. Hope this helps

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You can just paste this in the command bar:

local part ="Part")
part.Anchored = true
part.CanCollide = false
part.Size =,1,1)
part.Transparency = .5
part.CFrame = workspace.CurrentCamera.CFrame
part.Parent = workspace

This will put a part at your camera’s current position. You can also easily make a plugin that does that, if you are interested in learning that check this article out.


Yep, sounds like a cutscene with setting cameras position and there are already plugins for that.

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