How to clip a GUI to a part

Is it possible to make a gui appear only when it is above a part: ie, when it has nothing behind it it can’t be seen.
If I only use one frame, I get this:

I have this working with multiple gui’s but want to know if it is possible without a ton of frames.

But this only works somewhat decently if your part has no curves to it whatsoever. It is near impossible to make it so that a surface gui would conform to it. In the example below, this is what I would imagine something like this would look like, but the example shown uses a decal instead of a surface gui because decals already do this.

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Nope, but you could make a feature request for projected textures/UIs.


Like what @ScriptOn said, unfortunately not however it would be a nice feature to have. I urge you to to put this in a feature request topic.

This has actually already been requested. I imagine the SurfaceProjection object could have properties that allow it to do this.


Sort of, what I mean is just having a surface gui option that makes it so the gui only appears on the object it is adorned to or is parented to, not having the rest of the gui project behind it.

Ohh, I misunderstood. Like clipping to just one surface I guess? That could be useful in some cases. Decals do it, so I feel like SurfaceGuis should be able to.

Exactly, it would be so useful to have in so many different use cases.
I edited the original post to make that clear.

Did you check out the rules when you got your membership? Rule 15.1 specifies how you can file threads for approval in categories you can’t post in:


Yes, I had read the rules when I was granted membership, but I guess that it slipped my mind that I could do that. Thank you for the reminder. :slight_smile:

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What would you think of using it for?

I mean, I don’t really know specifically but you seem to have a use case for it.