How to create a confusing effect

I’m creating a game where there are portals. I want to create an effect like confusion or dizziness when I leave the portal, but I have no idea how doing it could help me?

With confusion effect I mean that the camera moves alone but smoothly just like in minecraft when you have the same effect

can u be more precise I don’t really get what you want here.

something like this

Why don’t you try making something first so that we have a script to work with?

I’m sure if you read the outline for posting it asked if you have tried anything beforehand.

never manipulated the camera I wouldn’t know where to start

Due to Roblox’s camera limitations you will not be able to make something exactly like that. For the most part, the warping effect. This can still be achieved by manipulating the Camera’s CFrame in a tricky way, but IMO it will not produce a result you want. Increase FOV to higher than 120?

You can start though by offsetting the camera’s current position by some periodic function such as sin

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I will try to see what I can get if I need help I ask again

Thanks for replying.

I’ve seen a thing in hd admin where there’s a warp command that tweens your fov from tiny to super high to normal again. Maybe use tweenservice with the fov property of the camera

I also thought about manipulating the fov and trying to use the Cframe in some way like rotating the camera a little bit to see what I get.

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No, it is possible, you just have to change the centre of the field-of-view to get the effect, read the post made by @boatbomber:

Also, here is a thread similar to yours:

Also please mark my post as solution if it helped so others who stumble across this thread will know exactly what to do :slight_smile:


Incredible using that module I surely achieve the effect I want.

I was looking for a similar one but I didn’t get any

Next time I will have to look a little more.