How to create a theme for Dialogue Maker

You can create a usable theme by duplicating any theme in the Themes folder.

For this tutorial, I’m gonna use the BareBonesDialogue.


You just gotta name the ScreenGui something different so that the script knows which theme you want.

I’m going to call it “BigAndBoldDialogue”!


To visualize your theme without having to play the game, you can just put the ScreenGui in the StarterGui.

When I do this…


…I should see it in the viewport!

Now that you have a clone of it, you can modify anything you want with the theme, from how the box looks to the click icon.

How about turning the DialogueContainer frame into an ImageLabel?


Nice and round!

You can even change the font of the text by editing the Line TextLabels in NPCTextContainerWithResponses and NPCTextContainerWithoutResponses frames.

Just gotta make the frame visible while I test…



…and now I can change the font to something a bit more pretty! Can’t go wrong with GothamSemibold.



These are just two of the many things you can do with themes. As long as you follow the following structure, you can do just about anything:

  • Theme (can be called anything) [must be ScreenGui]

    • DialogueContainer

      • NPCNameFrame

        • NPCName [must be TextLabel or TextButton]
      • NPCTextContainerWithResponses

        • Line [must be TextLabel or TextButton]
      • NPCTextContainerWithoutResponses

        • Line [must be TextLabel or TextButton]
      • ResponseContainer

        • ResponseTemplate [must be ScrollingFrame, for now]
      • ClickToContinue

After you’re finished making your theme, pop the ScreenGui back in the Themes folder.



One way you can see your new theme is to change the DefaultTheme variable in the Settings under the DialogueServerScript.


And done!


Now it’s time for the taste test.

Mhm, it’s better!

If you need any help, send me a message on Twitter @Sudobeast for quick assistance or raise an issue on the repository on Github. Of course, you can post your question to the community resource thread as well: