How to fix this half transparent thing when importing Roblox objects to Blender?

this is what it looks like rendered

there should be color but for some reason not.

Okay I changed each texture to opaque. but the colors still haven’t changed to what the colors should be

And you can see it look how it should here

actually, it looks pretty cool, like an impossible shape!

You need to switch from the evee render engine to the cycles render engine.

Thats what I have it on, and eevee does the same

Hi @Foshizled,
I just answered this problem in another thread.

Hopefully this helps! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Another way this might help (just discovered it today) is to go into the material tab and change the “blend mode” from"alpha blend" to “opaque”
This should fix the problem in both evee and cycles

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Yes thank you, that helped with the color, but doesn’t help with the objects being transparent when imported, I asked a friend and he said it may be due to unions, so i’m going to check that.

(edit: I just rememberd it also happened with a normal roblox brick)
(Edit 2: I just updated to the latest version of blender (3.0) and the same thing is happening)

The solution is pretty simple.
Go to the Material Properties tab in the Properties editor and under the “Viewport Display” submenu open the settings sub-submenu and change the Blend Mode from Alpha Blend to Opaque.

Edit: My apologies @Xenonic_778 also replied with this solution just below my original post. :slight_smile:

Edit2: The other option is the disable the “Show Backface” checkbox in the same menu.
Use that method instead if a material needs to be slightly transparent.


Yea, I’ve done that, but I usually wouldn’t need to do that or manually add the colors.

Also i think theres 100+ textures, meaning i have to set those all to opaque manually, and do the colors when It would usually do it for me (this is now version 3.0)

Edit: Is there anyway to have it automatically set to opaque?

I don’t think so.
It’d require a script but I’m afraid I don’t know enough python to do that for you.

Cycles doesn’t have this issue with alpha blending, can you use that?

I am using cycles, always have been

Edit: It happens in both eevee & cycles



How to do it:

Have the build selected.

Go to the plus in the corner

Click “General”

Click “Shading”

Scroll down/zoom out at the bottom.

Then drag the line from “normal” to “clearcoat normal”

It’s done! To go back, just press the “Default” tab at the top!

Hope this helped! :heart:


Sadly it did not work. I’m hoping I can get this fixed soon

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Are you using evee or cycles? You have to use cycles for it.

Yes, I am using cycles, I rarely ever use eevee

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Ok. I do not know to help, then.

Here’s what you have to do :grin:

Go into the materials tab, select your object, open it up even further and see the texture inside it.
Go to material tab > settings > blend mode > opaque

Transparent object

Select in outliner

open up and select the inner thing

Open up the inner thing and select the material inside it

Go to the materials tab

Settings tab

See how Blend mode is “Alpha Blend”

Change blend mode to “opaque”

Problem solved!!


I really hope this helps. If it doesn’t then something really is wrong.


Yes, I’ve been told plenty of times but usually this wouldn’t happen and color would also show up