How to import separate meshes in one .obj to studio?

How would I import separate meshes in one .obj that I made in blender to studio? I am basically making a rig with different meshes to make all the necessary parts for a rig. How would I import each mesh that are in one .obj to studio separately.

I am not the best with meshes since I just started so any beginner level help would be very appreciated!

Save and import as .fbx

Take a look here, it might help:

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I tried this however in studio it displays an error about the amount of triangles my .fbx contains. Does it not split the triangle count for each mesh inside that .fbx?

Picture of all objects inside the .fbx file:

Apologies if I am a little confused as I just began working with blender.

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No, I believe it counts all the tris inside the whole file as 1. Also, if your tri count is exceeding the limit, then you probably shouldn’t be importing that into the game unless its something big.

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The whole mesh all together exceeds the limit. Plus the character is meant to be high-poly since I am working on a realistic horror game so there isn’t really anything I can do about it.

Just tested it and it should be fine as long as I limit my amount of tris in total.

Fixed my issue by just taking the long route and importing each mesh separately. Thank you everyone for the help!

The answer you were seeking was the Asset Manager. It is a feature that had recently been re-implemented. There you can bulk import assets such as meshes.

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