Asset Manager Phased Rollout

Hello Developers,

Thanks for your invaluable feedback on the previous Beta release of Asset Manager. We heard your feedback loud and clear and enhanced the Asset Manager to better align with your workflows. We are now ready to start rolling out the enhanced Asset Manager!

So what is new based off of the feedback?

  • Asset Manager now has a List View! And that’s across all views. This, by far, stood out as the biggest piece of feedback from the earlier release. Oh, and this is now the default! And, it shows thumbnails!
  • You can still toggle from List View to use the Grid View based on your preference
  • Importing items now opens a Recently Added view to help you immediately find, select and use the newly imported assets
  • Shift-Click & CMD / CTRL-Click multi-select
  • Add New Place is now available in the context menu in Places folder
  • We also made quality fixes based on your feedback e.g. duplicate packages or only one package shows up, root place has same icon as others, missing Linked Scripts, extraneous error messages in the output window etc.

Why is Asset Manager replacing Game Explorer?

Currently, asset management is scattered across different places e.g. Create, Account Inventory pages on the website, Inventory in Toolbox / Game Explorer in Studio. Our long-term vision is to have a single place for managing all assets: Asset Manager.

In order to accomplish this vision, we built a new experience for managing assets that supports:

  • Deterministic sort order - items are listed in predictable order every time making it more intuitive to find items unlike Game Explorer
  • Ability to search / filter - making it much easier to find what you are looking for in a long list of assets
  • Unified Asset Preview we already had in Toolbox - making it easier to discern which asset you are adding to your Place
  • Scaled well to handle large lists - as number of assets in Places get larger over time, Asset Manager will seamlessly scale by fetching items on scroll

We also laid the foundation to enable user-defined organization in the future e.g. custom folders.

What are the plans for Phased Rollout?

We are planning to start rollout starting Dec 3 and gradually increase it over time.

Can I still turn it off?

Yes, during the phased rollout you can go to File > Beta Features and uncheck ‘Asset Manager’. But if you do, please respond to this announcement and let us know what didn’t work for you.

As you can see your feedback is invaluable to us as we chart the course for the future of Asset Management in Studio.

Thanks again to everyone who has provided valuable feedback along this journey! And a big shoutout to the team for all the hardwork that has gone into Asset Manager @aNewMoose @fpscrazy @billlipeng @funturious @April_Sheep @robDR and especially @smoothiecriminals!


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This looks amazing! I’ll have to try it out on my own later today. A suggestion just from the video provided, though:


If this is a video of the final result (which I assume it is), then you may want to consider lightening the ID number (for contrast) as it’s incredibly hard to see to a shade of white. This isn’t too great for UX. Do note that the image above is enlarged- consider the ID when its displayed naturally on your screen:


Secondly, you’re actually unable to highlight/select the text in any way, making it so that you have to both deal with a hard-to-see ID and having to manually copy it.

EDIT: This has been confirmed to be resolved and will be put into place in another update!


I love this so much.


The only concern from my end is the appearance of it, specifically the hover and click colors. In dark mode, hovering over the list of assets darkens the list item (or grid item, depends on the view), while clicking on it adds a light overlay.



This is similar to what AutoButtonColor does to TextButtons in-game, which is why this does not suit a Studio window. Plus, the hover and click effects are not subtle like the rest of the Studio buttons. When you double click a list item to look into it, it is too much of a color difference and seems too jarring.

Also, the navigation at the left sinks mouse input and also allows buttons behind it to accept inputs such as hovering:


My mouse is on the “packages” button, but the button behind the entire menu is also hovering.

At last, one functional request I have is to be able to multi-select with a box similar to the explorer:


I found a slight bug with opening up asset category folders, like image:

Basically, when you double click to open a folder, you can’t scroll to view all the items initially, and the scroll bar is missing. However, when you click, the scroll bar appears and I can scroll. This may be an issue with the window considering itself unfocused even though it is in focus.

Apart from these several things, the asset manager is functionally amazing!
Keep it up Roblox! :roblox_light: :roblox:


is it possible to

  • import multiple Assets with their either AssetIDs / String path?
  • see Moderated assets and Copyrighted Audio so we can remove it?
  • search with AssetIDs?
  • delete assets from our inventory using Asset Manager?

does Asset Manager support

  • Animations? (Uploading, Importing and Exporting)
  • Audio and Video previews?

Love the new Asset Manager! It is great to finally have a search feature and the ability to preview asset details.

However, there are a few quality of life improvements I would like to see in the future:

  • The type of view you were last using to save rather than defaulting to list view every time
  • Grid view support for recently added assets
  • A consistent interface that fully matches the toolbox
  • Removal of the Explorer Overlay as it serves no real purpose

Look at that, almost like Unity or Unreal!

One aspect of the Game Explorer I do like a lot more than the Asset Manager, however, is how compact it was. It would be great if there was a way to make the squares a bit smaller and closer together, that way I can see more assets on my screen at the same time.


Yes! Thanks @M_caw - good catch. We’ve fixed it already and it’ll come in a later update.


Do you think we could also have the ability to quickly copy the GameId under the Asset Manager? That would be great, as before I had to manually type it out while I was debugging once.


I’m actually already seeing the updated version now so that’s pretty nice.


I love the new asset manager but… It was very hard to find assets I had JUST imported into my game. I’m not sure if this has been fixed now but if there was a “recently added” tab it would make my job so much easier! :grinning:

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thank goodness! this was the one thing holding me back from accepting the asset manager with open arms, and the recently-added view will be a life-saver. super excited for the rollout


@Calilies - yes! We’ve added a Recently Added view - check out the second screen recording in the post.


Can Roblox add icons for each folder, so I can find the right folder just by looking at the icon? Because currently they all have the same folder icon. Other than that, it’s a great update :happy1:.


Are there currently any plans to allow batch inserting for Images? It’d help a lot so we don’t have to insert (potentially hundreds) of decals one by one.


There should definitely be a zoom slider / ctrl+scroll wheel support for zooming in thumbnail view.


If I wanted to insert an image, will there be an option to insert as a texture, instead of a decal on the right click menu? Think it would help quite a lot for people who use custom textures and want to insert them quickly.

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I’d like if there were different icons for different folders to differentiate the folders. Like what the Game Explorer did.


Hi @sp1980 - if you hover on the thumbnail, you can click the magnifying glass to get asset preview.


Thanks @6cv3. We will definitely consider this.


Thanks for the detailed feedback, @TheCarbyneUniverse. You have a keen eye! We will definitely look into these!

The last one, though - double click to open and you can’t scroll initially - I am not able to repro this. How many images do you have in that folder? @smoothiecriminals, what details will we need on this one?