How to make R6 animations work on a R15 rig?

Basically, I own a competitive group. For over a decade now, in that community, R6 has been the main standard of avatar choice. However, I want to do something else.

I’ve seen plenty of developers create a bendable R15 rig that has R6-alike features, which really draws me to it. However, I’m curious as to how I can make the rig itself support R6 animations.

Obviously, I know it can’t be 100% exact cause it’s just not possible using the same scripts and stuff R6 has, but I want to replicate it in any “hack’ish” way possible for it to be as identical as it can get.

Any tips? Anything helps, really. :laughing:

The difference between R6 and R15 is the amount of baseparts.
R6 characters have 6 parts while R15 character have 15 parts.

And because of that, you can’t make r6 animation work on r15.

They use skinned mesh, behind the scene its still r15, its just the parts that are connected. So yea, you have to reanimate them in r15

Seems like you are talking about several done community resources.

R6 to R15 using Inverse kinematics

Are you talking about dogu15 mesh rig?

This was perfect; the issue is, the legs inverse (and looking at someone else’s code is like looking at an unkown) and can’t figure out a fix for that.

Well, I used to use that, but I found a better one.