How to make your textures look 3D! PBR (Physics Based Rendering)

End Results:

Step 1: go to


This site has ALL the awesome PBR textures.

Click the Explore all 1251 textures

Step 2: Click the search button, and go to the search query area

Step 3: Search for the texture you want to find!

In our case, it will be rock, so, type that in.
Click the one you like, we will be using

Step 4: Download the ZIP file

#Step 5: Extract!

Once you extract, you should see something like this:

You can now close the file explorer.

Follow these steps to open the beta features tab:

Makes sure this is enabled, if it’s not then click the box and restart studio.

Step 6: upload the textures to your mesh

For this, you must have a meshpart, if you do not, you can
export selection and import it as a mesh.

Detailed tutorial on how to export a roblox model as a mesh

Here’s a video tutorial: how to export part as mesh - YouTube

Now, when you have your mesh, add the SurfaceAppearance object inside of it.
You should now see no texture on your mesh

Step 7: FINAL STEP - upload all of your textures

Select the surface appearance and then for each area, image
click the blank space and click add image. image

Once you have that, select the corresponding name with the name of the row.

Double-click it, and it will take a second to upload. You should start seeing the start of the texture once it uploads.

You should see something like this once you upload the Color File.

(There’s no metalness texture for this object)

Note: Roblox doesn’t have all the features of PBR this texture has, so don’t worry if you have more images than the rows to import them.

Once you finish, you should have something like this!

File for the rock:

rock.rbxm (10.1 KB)

Thanks for reading, if the tutorial worked for you and the textures are cool, leave a :heart: on the page. If you have any questions, feel free to reply.

Final result

Have a good day!


Nice tutorial. Definitely going to use this in future projects!


Yep. Just found this website a week ago, so I thought I needed to share this awesome website and how to use it


Wow this looks amazing thank you!


Nice tutorial, I’ll be sure to using it in upcoming games

Note: You can’t use 8K textures

Wait what, how did this happen?

this is just wierd

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What exactly is weird? did you download random decals? How does it have to do with this? Please say what exactly your talking about. :wink:

I just uploaded pbr textures, why are they cropped like roblox characters?

I see, but I don’t think the fact it’s cropped like roblox characters changes the effectiveness of PBR textures. But yeah, its pretty weird.

blender makes me wanna eat cookies with orange juice


That looks amazing! Did you just made a plane mesh?

check you frames
not optimized

I can’t see how it’s not optimized. It’s just one mesh with a texture.


you are trying to make shadows with texture that wont look realistic you need to shape the mesh in blender

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I don’t know what you mean. All meshes are made in Blender.


Would anyone like a tutorial on how to export roblox parts and then apply pbr on them (like this post if you do)
It will be a part of this post


That’s actually a stone tower mesh, which I applied the texture to. It’s completely flat, which is amazing if you think about it.

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A) My frames are a constant 60fps
B) It is very much optimized, and at lower graphics settings, only the colormap (albedo) will show, which has the same processing power toll as a regular texture. As for memory, AFAIK there isn’t much of a difference.
C) In fact, this is better performance-wise than increasing topology (mesh triangle count).

No? Any serious artist in blender, unity, or unreal knows that PBR is necessary to achieve realism and reduce poly count. This applies doubly in Roblox where you have a limit of 10k triangles.
And it looks VERY realistic.


I am pretty sure roblox does that themselves. Just apply it.