How to modify the directional inputs?

What’s the best way to change the direction a movement input creates?

For example, in a ‘stun effect’ you might want to confuse the player by reversing their directional inputs (W/DownPad = Up directon, A/LeftPad = right direction, etc)

The easiest way would probably just be set the Humanoid’s walk speed to a negative value.

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How do you do that?

I’ve tried setting the walkspeed to a negative value via scripting and manually but it snaps back to 0 each time.

That used to work for me, then again it was about 4 years ago.
That really sucks if roblox has set a minimum value on walkspeed.

Well, unless you have a custom controller for movement, i guess you’r going to have to mess around in Roblox’s default movement scripts.

If they’re not in the Starter Character folder, you’ll have to PlaySolo and copy the movement script.

I haven’t messed around with it myself, but it should either be in your character when you spawn, or in the player object under game.Players.

At that point you’ll want to see where the command to “Move” is found, and multiply that vector3 by - 1 when you’re confused.

You could make a local reference to a BoolObject to trigger it in the controller.

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Personally I’d use ContextActionService and bind on the actions of player movement.

Please support this feature request.
Walkspeed was clamped 3 years ago and no good reason for it has been provided afaik.


Although I agree, wouldn’t you need to build back in functionality for things like mobile and gamepad controls to work with this?