How to remove black outlines on images

So, I remember there was a plugin that was in a thread to remove black/pink outlines on Roblox images, and stupid me, I forgot to download it and bookmark it. I’ve been searching for an hour now.

This is my problem:


if you find the link to fix this it is greatly appreciated(a link to the plugin, I forgot what it’s called)


But, I read that thread already, there is no plugin. Or, can you explain how I can fix this issue in a different way?

There’s a link in it to Pixelfix, download it.

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I have no idea how to use it :confused:

There’s an entire thread explaining how to use it. I’m not sure what part you’re having trouble understanding, but here’s a couple helpful quotes from the thread:

You can grab pre-built executable files from the Github for Pixelfix.

Once you have a pixelfix executable, you can drag images onto it to fix them.

And here’s the (current) latest version on Github: You should be able to find the executable for your OS under “Assets.”


It seems to be broken now. When i send the image to it, it opens up a blank NodeJS and doesnt do anything