How to show particle emitter in viewport frame

Hi! I need help with showing particle emitter in a viewport frame. ANy help?

Sorry, but ParticleEmitters do not render in ViewportFrames. Can you show us what you’re trying to make? Maybe there’s a workaround?

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I’m trying to make an awarding screen, and I want to put particle emitter inside like a confetti. How would I work around this? Or should I just give up on this idea and make something else (like spinning sunburst background idk)

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You should look around in #resources:community-resources for a 2D particle emitter. I haven’t looked myself, but it is definitely possible.
I made confetti onscreen before: Video.

How does a 2D particle emitter work? Sorry I’m never heard of it before, is it possible if you give me a link to it?

Did you maybe try this resource?

Roblox doesn’t have a 2D particle emitter, but surely people have made good libraries to do that. All I remember seeing is a 3D particle emitter with 3D objects. I suppose this is an alternative, if you can figure out how to put it in a viewport frame?