[PLUGIN] 2DEmitter V2 || Basic UI particle emitter

I finally decided to update my 2D_Emitter module!
Here is the first version of the module: 2DEmitter - Create beautiful UI particles

2D Emitter is a free open source particle emitter module for your uis!
Heres how it looks like

Once your particle is designed with the plugin then select the ui element and then press create after that it will create a local script, edit it however you want!

API Documentation: GitHub - Synitx/2D-Emitter-2
Plugin: https://create.roblox.com/marketplace/asset/12214425910/2DEmitter
Module: 2D Emitter V2 - Roblox

To do:

  • Spread
  • Particle physics
  • Transparency
  • Add number sequence to LifeTime property
  • Add Number sequence to Transparency, speed and size

Hey! Just wanted to say the plugin looks really nice, but when I pressed the “Enable” button, this error came up and it didn’t work:

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I’ll work on it thanks for reporting the issue!
To make it work enable team create, I’ll let you know when its fixed for the places that have team create turned off.

Its fixed! ✅

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Thanks! It worked now.