How to test the game in Studio with gamepad (Xbox)?

In Roblox studio when I choose Test/Device - Xbox One and start the game, I see a popup menu in the center of the screen with 2 buttons - both show the name of my player. No matter on which I click, nothing happens and this menu stays on the screen.
At the same time the studio does not seem to recognize my Xbox one controller (Although the same controller works ok in Roblox player).
Do you do some special settings in Studio in relation to Xbox and controllers?


I use my xbox controller to test too. Does your cursor turn into a dot as soon as you press any button on your controller?

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Use any controller you have like a ps4 controller. You need to click once the game starts running. Roblox does not automatically detect your controller.

So there’s no way to test directly in studio? It’s quite confusing because it shows 2 buttons with the emulator that do nothing, I would prefer to not make a copy of the game because I’d still have to publish and join every time I test

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You can playtest with a gamepad in studio; I’ve been doing it for the past few days

Mind sharing how? When I playtest studio doesn’t detect any controller input

When the playtest starts, I select the viewport (click in the viewport) twice with my mouse (just get studio to focus on the viewport), then it should work from there

But controller input doesn’t really feel stable

That’s what I’m doing… I clearly have the controller connected but studio isn’t reacting to it.

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Strange, it works for me just fine:

Unrelated: But I realized the reason why studio with controller input had a glitchy mouse effect was because of Steam controller configurations

Hmm… That’s strange, I will ask more people about this
Thanks for the help! :slightly_smiling_face:

Isn’t there a option to enable game pad if you have your controller connected, like a section?

I’ve looked for it, but I haven’t seen anything similar except xbox emulator in device testing, which also doesn’t work. Does steam input controller have anything to do with this? I don’t know how to set it up

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Hey everyone, I tried adding roblox studio (not the launcher) as a non-steam game and now the controller works perfectly!! Thank you all for the help :slight_smile:

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I’m having this same issue still, so I made a bug report here: Gamepads do not work in Studio playtests + Xbox emulation leaves glitched UI on screen

Not sure what Steam has anything to do with this, as I do not have Steam installed on my computer.

I was referring to this:

and the video I posted. Steam was just overriding the mouse every time I moved the camera

I can still use Studio with a controller just fine, so I’m still confused as to why others can’t

I am having this issue. My game detects the controller just fine but studio doesn’t seem to detect it no matter how many times I reset. No dot on screen or anything even if I click.