How to test VideoFrame in Studio! (POSSIBLY OUTDATED)

It works on every PC device. At least, I think.

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It doesn’t work on mac, it is a .EXE file.

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Thanks, now I have my own personal drive-in movie theater! This’ll be an awesome feature to put in my game.
Roblox Video Support
(video in question)


Hello! I have it all setup the way you have it setup. But I click Play(not run) and I still can not see anything. The Time position isn’t going up either.

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Are you sure your VideoFrame’s “Playing” property set to true?

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Yes. I followed every instruction Vaelkarr said. Just not working at all.


This is pretty cool. After getting rid of most of the files, my studio files show up like this now:

any way to put it back to the original?

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Uninstall the Roblox Studio Mod Manager, then reinstall Roblox Studio. Worked for me.


Yeah, that worked after a bit, thanks :slight_smile:

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Hello! This feature is amazing but I have one quick question, even tho this thread is rather old, is there a “maximum” for the file size? Is there a point where it stops trying to load?


Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa, you say use it at your own risk. Is there a way with out corruption. I don’t want to have anything messed up over corruption using a cool feature. But video frame is so awesome and useful for my games. I might try out in a safer way. Or I can wait till it’s been actually released. I don’t want to risk breaking studio. Would you do this and take the risk?

Also for the fact I have games with thousands of visits and having it corrupted will make my games unplayable and no one will come to my games. All I can say is, “Wait till it’s fully released”. The anticipation will be worth it, once it’s released.

There are precautions you can take in order to prevent corruption. Number one: back up your system.

Then you can also try not opening any important places in the modded studio.

Then don’t mess with the roblox files and only mess with the modded studio files.

Follow these tips and you shouldn’t have anything corrupted. Do be aware though that this is not idiot proof and be careful.

Alright I can try. (30 characters)

Also I have a question. Could you like upload a model of the video frame and use it on other games or it leads to corruption?

Thanks for the precautions. 30 charcters

It says that it is a virus, why is that?

It says it the same thing when I try installing.

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It says it is a trojan? What the heck are you making us download?

My advice is don’t download and wait till this video frame feature is fully release. That will save you money, computer and lots of stuff on your computer