How would I begin low poly building?

I apologise in advance if there’s a topic of a similar nature. I did search but not in great depth.

I’m wondering how I would begin low poly building as currently I specialise in realistic builds but I’m looking to expand my knowledge and expertise with low poly as well.

If any adept low poly builders is willing to give me advice and help then that would be much appreciated.

Do you just use roblox studio or do you use external software too? Any help will be gladly appreciated.


Low-Poly building is building without much design. You wont have textures, or materials. A low-poly build is usually cartoony. Just make a house, but dont add anything. Keep it in the plastic material

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A lot of these tutorials use an older version of blender.

Is there any for 2.9.

Those tutorials do work, except the places for buttons are in different spots. For example, take mirroring, used to copy, and build off on one side of the object, the tutorials works, but finding those the buttons (mentioned in the tutorial) might take time, but it is possible. I use older tutorials as a reference; if you can’t seem to find those necessary characteristics/buttons - refer to the blender docs.

What I did was get inspiration from pictures/3D asset sites to see what the gist is.Then this is a really helpful tutorial:

Yes, i know this is for 2.8 but if you can’t find any buttons in 2.9 that he uses just look it up in the blender manual. :slight_smile:
In the tutorial he makes a car, but you can use the same techniques for a house.

Blender 2.9 and other latest versions are very similar, they just did a few rearrange the UI and tool selections 2.8 version does have identical tools and interface, there may be tutorials including how to create cartoony builds within those specific versions.

I feel like the old versions can still come in handy when it comes to creating cartoony objects with a low amount of polygons in software. I’m assuming your referring to the cartoony style this can created with using smooth plastic vibrant colors and use of lighting within Studio. Blender is a good software if your wanting to use ‘meshpart’.

Low poly just refers to using a low polygon count what your referring to is cartoony, I’m sure with a bit of research-on your own you’ll find many tutorials for creating these specific theme inside a software. There are threads that ‘Aotrou’ goes into more depth about this: See here.

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Its actually easy to build in low-poly.

Ofc you can use Blender, but you can also build low-poly in Roblox Studio itself. Yes, there’s no plugin involved.

All you gotta do is to set the colour of the parts only, and to set the material all to smooth plastic improtantly

And that’s it. Easy enough