How would I make a build realistic?

I am an intermediate builder, but I have never really explored out of the cartoony/unrealistic theme. I am wanting to create a game similar to Vibe Cafe or Diner (Diner - Roblox), but I have no idea how to approach it.

The build is going to be a New York style Subway (the train not the company) and it will most likely have 2-3 carriages. Inside the carriages there will be multiple scenarios/animations that the players can react to. The first thing I am wanting to do is the build itself. I have a couple references but other than that I have no idea.

Any tips on building realistically? How would I cause little to no lag?


I think most people use for that textures, there are a couple of sites that offer free textures.

Here is a link to a Thread with multiple sites that offer free textures to use:

And here is a explanation on how to use them:


Most of these builds are usually textures with meshes and the use of lighting to add realism. Maybe try to make your own textures. This question has been asked a few times, including recently. Please search before creating another thread.


This is a Bruh moment if I do say so myself

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I had a search but couldn’t find anything. Thanks anyway.

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It’s about focusing on every detail, and adding as much detail as you can to smaller bits where possible.

Using textures as well, such as a texture pack is a big help. Look up on the toolbox ‘texture pack,’ and you’ll find many.

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