How would i script this

i would like to have r15 items load on r6 rigs
such as the new layer clothing
and mabey rtho rigs to work as well

Some Rthro rigs already support R6, the only way to get layered clothing working on an R6 rig would create a new mesh containing bones and put it inside an accessory instance with the respective accessory type. I also recommend not asking people for entire pieces of code. Try coding it yourself and if you can’t find out the problem, then you should make a post about it on the dev forum containing the code.

This is not something that can be done simply, I don’t recommend trying to do it unless you really know what you’re doing.

If you still decide you want to, I feel the best option is to use R15 and make it look like R6, such as done in 3008.

Here are some resources for doing such:

my game is r6 but i want players r15 items to load

i was thinking of just requring all of there assets to there character

I don’t think that is possible.

its def possible becuase i have seen harder things be done

Then you could try having the player have two characters, one that’s R6 and another R15, and switch them out when needed.