I Can't Easily See What Games I Follow

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to see which games I follow.

Every game has a follow button:

You can follow and unfollow a game by toggling it on or off. It’s a neat feature that lets you get, at most, weekly updates from the games you choose to follow.

In this regard it’s similar to the Favorite button. It’s toggleable when viewing the game page, but what sets it apart is that it doesn’t have it’s own category.

What do you mean by category? Well, “Favorites” is a particular section which lets you view all games you’ve ever favorited. Here’s a link in case anyone hasn’t heard of it before.

It looks like this:

I can easily find games that I’ve favorited, so I can easily un-favorite them if I wish.

Now imagine you couldn’t see what games you favorited, and could only see them on the game’s page. That’s what the follow feature feels like.

Here’s another analogy. Take any social media platform, like Twitter or Instagram. Imagine if you couldn’t see who you followed nor how many users you followed. That’s ludicrous!

Let’s throw out some Use-cases.

Use-case 1:

Believe it or not, there is a game following max count:

(Yes, topic #696969.)

If I hit the max, I’d like a neat area where I can see all the games I’ve followed.

  • This would help me choose which games I’d want to unfollow.
  • Since you have no way of tracking which games you follow unless you write them down, you’d also have a catalog of all games you’ve followed.
  • Games that I forgot I followed would appear.

Use-case 2:

I want to stop receiving notifications from games I follow completely, so I want to un-follow all games quickly without having to go to every game I’ve ever followed and individually toggling them off.

Use-case 3:

Favorited games are public for everyone to see (If you have inventory on,) while followed games are not. I could keep track of games I might want to re-visit, check up on, or anything else where keeping track of a game would be useful.

So, as a synopsis,

Add a section to see all the games I’ve followed.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience because I would be able to easily keep track of what games I’ve followed and what games I haven’t.

Thank you!


Complete agreement!
Same story with games you like
Edit: For both liked and following I do believe it would be better off as a home page sort though! Since people should go to the games page and want to see new games