I can't hear audio from Studio nor Client

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I cannot hear audio from Studio nor Client. Playing with the ingame volume controls (the oof slider) makes no difference and I cannot hear the oofs at any level. Sounds cannot be heard when testing in studio nor when previewing the sound with the Properties panel.

The Volume Mixer does not recognize Roblox as producing any sound:


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Unknown steps to reproduce the bug.

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Production Studio and Client. Does not appear to be game specific.

  • For graphics bugs, it is sometimes helpful to know your system specs, especially graphics card.

ASUS laptop
GeForce GTX 1060

Sonic Studio III

NVIDIA High Definition Audio v.
NVIDIA Virtual Audio Device (Wave Extensible)(WDM) v.
Realtex HD Audio v.

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This started several months ago.

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Reinstalling the audio drivers fixed the progrem temporarily. I reinstalled the drivers on the 22nd of June. Between then and yesterday, the first time I opened Roblox since then, the game stopped producing sound.


Do you have an oculus rift plugged in?

No. At most, USB mouse, keyboard, gamepad, and external drives, and an HDMI monitor. I checked to make sure Roblox wasn’t being routed to the monitor using the Volume Mixer and it wasn’t.

There are some trials to check:

  • Reduce audio quality. Hehehehe, might work once.
  • Check audio cables, they sometimes fail on you somehow.
  • Restarting the programs, software or hardware.

What I Know

Recently, Roblox shipped in some audio updates about the jumbling ones, live currently. I don’t think it is that that causes it.

I’ve played Roblox since 2010, where remarkable audio issues were present. The problem was the audio suddenly leaves a noise, reduces the volume and then makes loud noises. This may not be the case either.

Fun fact: I once thought the audio broke, until I noticed the headphone jack was actually stuffed and cleaned it. Now the issue is gone.


I can listen to youtube videos and play other games like a dream, so no, it’s not going to be failures of peripherals.

When I restart my computer with my headphones plugged in, roblox and roblox studio don’t produce sounds in this way. I just fix it by unplugging my headphones and restarting again.

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A potential issue is that the settings have sound disabled. To see, simply go to File > Settings > Studio > Audio (near the bottom). And then to make better, make the drop down labeled “Server Audio Behavior” be “Enabled” and then check off the box labeled “Only Play Audio from Window in Focus”. This was my issue. EDIT: For this setting change you do have to restart Studio.


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Yeah, this is really weird. I still have the problem to this day.
I have almost the same specs as you, I don’t know why people have this happening :confused:

Check out your volume in the escape menu when in-game… wanna know what it was for me?


Found this issue out from another post. You need to set your client volume (in studio) to not be muted.

that still has not resolved this for me